Song Name   Comments
After the Revolution0
After We Torture Our Prisoners0
All the Ghosts that Walk this Earth0
Ballad of a Cluster Bomb0
Battle of Blair Mountain0
Behind That Gate0
Behind the Barricades0
Benton Harbor0
Best Democracy Money Can Buy0
Bomb Ourselves0
Butcher for Hire0
By the Time They Nuke DC0
Cannabis Cafe0
Children of Jerusalem0
Contras, Kings and Generals0
Crashing Down0
Deadhead in Prison0
Death of Rachel Corrie0
Drink of the Death Squads1
Evening News0
Face of Victory0
Failed State0
From Kabul to Khartoum0
Ghost Dance Lullaby0
Global Warming Song0
Globalization is Good for You0
Glory and Fame0
Good Kurds, Bad Kurds0
Guantanamo Bay0
Halliburton Boardroom Massacre0
Hang a Flag in the Window0
Henry Ford Was A Fascist1
Here at the End of the World0
I Have Seen the Enemy1
I Remember Warsaw0
I Wanna Go Home1
I'm a Better Anarchist Than You0
If I Die Tomorrow0
In One World0
International Terrorists0
Join the Army0
King David0
Like I Think About You0
Love of an Unknown Soldier0
Love Song for the Cops0
Make It So0
Merry Christmas, Mr. Meyers0
Mi Amor0
Minimum Wage Strike0
Minnesota Gezstapo0
More Gardens Song0
Morning at Minnehaha0
My Daughter0
New Orleans0
Next Attack0
No One is Illegal1
On The Train0
One Night in Greece0
Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.)0
Oppositional Defiant Disorder0
Outside Agitator0
Parking Lots and Strip Malls0
Pirate Radio Song0
Pirate Song0
Polyamory Song0
Pray for the Dead and Fight Like Hell for the...0
Promised Land0
Punk Rock Baby0
Reichstag Fire0
Rinky Dink Song0
Roller Coaster Train0
Saint Patrick Battalion0
Shut Them Down0
Sit Down to Piss0
So Many Years Ago0
Soldier on the Bum0
Song for Ana Belen Montes0
Song for Basra0
Song for Big Mountain0
Song for Boxcar Betty0
Song for Eric0
Song for Hugh Thompson0
Song for Hugo Chavez0
Song for My Broken Heart0
Song for the BBB0
Song for the ELF0
Song for the SOA0
Song for the SOA #20
Song the Songbird Sings0
South Dakota Church-Burning0
Standing Rock0
Strike a Blow Against the Empire0
T-Stop Cafe0
Terror in the Skies0
The Alligator Song0
The Bicycle Song0
The Bluegrass Fiddler0
The Death of David Chain0
The Death of Rachel Corrie0
The Draft Is Coming0
The Dying Firefighter0
The Flag Desecration Rag0
The Jewel of Bucharest0
The Key0
The Last Lincoln Veteran0
The Lowell Factory Girl0
The Saint Patrick Battalion0
The Village Where Nothing Happened0
The War is Over0
They're Building a Wall0
Times Gone By0
Too Proud to Beg0
Trading with the Enemy0
Trafalgar Square0
Unrequited Love Song0
Used to be a City0
We Are Everywhere0
We Just Want the World0
Welcome to the European Union0
What if You Knew0
Who Will Tell the People0
Who Would Jesus Bomb?1
Whoever Wins in November0
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