Song Name   Comments
(I Can't Seem To) Make You Mine7
(I Want You) More Than Ever1
6AM Morningside 1
An Hour Before The Light0
As Night Is Falling0
As The World Rises And Falls0
Bonfires On The Heath0
Bookshop Casanova4
Breathing Soft And Low0
Carnival on 7th Street0
Constellations Echo Lanes0
Dreams of Leaving0
Driving South0
Elm Grove Window0
Emptily Through Holloway0
Everybody's Gone0
Everyone You Meet0
Everything You See Tonight Is Different from Itself0
Falling Asleep0
Fear Of Falling0
February Moon1
Five Day Morning0
From a Window1
From Brighton Beach To Santa Monica0
Geometry of Lawns0
George Says He Has Lost His Way in This World1
Graven Wood0
Harvest Time1
Haunted Melody0
Here Comes the Phantom2
House On Fire1
I Had To Say This0
I Hope I Know You0
I Know I Will See Your Face0
I Wonder Who We Are0
Isn't Life Strange1
Jennifer & Julia1
Joseph Cornell0
Kelvin Parade1
Losing Haringey6
Lost Weekend0
Lunar Days0
Lyra in April0
Lyra in October0
Monday's Rain0
My Own Face Inside The Trees2
Never Anyone But You1
No Dreams Last Night0
North Circular Days0
North School Drive0
Nothing Here Is What It Seems1
Paul Verlaine1
Policeman Getting Lost1
Queen of Seville, The0
Reflections After Jane6
Retiro Park0
Shadow Of Your Life0
Share The Night0
Since K Got Over Me17
Six Of Spades0
Somebody Changed1
St. James Walk0
Step Into The Light1
Strange Town1
That Night, A Forest Grew0
The Age of Miracles0
The Circus0
The Dance of the Hours1
The Garden At Night0
The Green Man1
The House Always Wins0
The Museum of Fog0
The Neighbour0
The Violet Hour0
These Days Nothing But Sunshine0
Three Month Summers0
Voices In The Mall0
Walking In The Park0
We Could Walk Together0
What Goes Up0
When I Came Home From the Party0
When She's Tired Of Dancing0
When You And I Where Young0
Winter On Victoria Street1
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