M. Ward

Portland, Oregon-based singer/songwriter M. Ward (born Matthew Stephen Ward) grew up listening to gospel and country, two genres that figure prominently in his breezy, West Coast take on Americana. After a six-year stint ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Voice At The End Of The Line8
A Wasteland Companion0
Along the Santa Fe Trail0
Archangel Tale0
Bad Dreams2
Bean Vine Blues #2 (John Fahey cover)0
Beautiful Car2
Big Boat11
Blake's View2
Blue Bayou0
Buckets of Rain (Bob Dylan cover)0
Chamber Music0
Chinese Translation24
Clean Slate (For Alex & El Goodo)1
Color of Water7
Cosmopolitan Pap2
Coyote Mary's Traveling Show0
Crawl After You0
Dead Man3
Deep Dark Well3
Duet for Guitars, No. 10
Duet for Guitars, No. 20
Duet for Guitars, No. 30
E.S.P. (And A Knockout Punch)0
End of Amnesia0
Eyes On The Prize3
Famous Dave0
Fisher of Men3
Fishing Boat Song3
Flaming Heart2
Fool Says5
For Beginners8
Four Hours in Washington6
From A Pirate Radio Sermon, 19894
Fuel For Fire6
Get to the Table on Time2
Girl from Conejo Valley0
Going Away0
Good News0
Half Moon0
He Asked Me to Be a Snake and Live Underground2
Headed For A Fall3
Heaven's Nail and Hammer0
Here Comes The Sun Again4
Hold Time4
Howlin' for My Baby0
Human Punching Bag0
I Can Never Remember0
I Get Ideas (Louis Armstrong cover)0
I'll Be Yr Bird19
I'm Going Higher0
I'm Listening (Child's Theme)1
If the Devil Came and Promised Me Joy0
Independent Man0
It Was a Beautiful Car0
It Won't Happen Twice2
Let My Love Open The Door0
Let's Dance (David Bowie cover)11
Little Baby0
Look Me Over0
Lost the Power0
Lullaby + Exile4
Magic Trick5
Me And My Shadow2
Migration of Souls0
More Rain0
Neptune's Net0
Never Had Nobody Like You10
Not a Gang0
O Lazy Days0
O'Brien/O'Brien's Nocturne10
Oh Lonesome Me2
Oh Take Me Back0
One Hundred Million Years4
One Life Away4
One More Goodbye0
Outro (I'm a Fool to Want You)0
Outta My Head5
Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground cover)0
Paul's Song5
Pirate Dial0
Poison Cup21
Poor Boy, Minor Key5
Primitive Girl0
Pure Joy0
Radio Campaign5
Rave On1
Real Silence0
Regeneration No. 10
Return to Neptune’s Net0
Right In The Head11
Rio Drone0
Sad, Sad Song5
Sadie (Joanna Newsom cover)0
Saturday (Yo La Tengo cover)0
Scene From #121
Seashell Tale5
Slow Driving Man0
So Much Water3
Someday (Louis Armstrong cover)0
Song From Debby's Stairs1
Stars of Leo3
Steven's Snow Man0
Story of an Artist (Daniel Johnston cover)3
Sweethearts On Parade4
The Crooked Spine0
The First Time I Ran Away1
The Twist0
There's a Key0
Time Won't Wait0
To Go Home7
To Save Me2
Today's Undertaking1
Transfiguration, No. 10
Transfiguration, No. 20
Unreal City0
Vincent O'Brien12
Waiting Years #10
Watch The Show0
Well-Tempered Clavier0
Were You There?2
What Is a Soul0
Who May Be Lazy1
Wild Goose0
Wild Minds0
You Still Believe in Me0
You're So Good to Me0
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