Murder by Death

Indiana-based Murder by Death first caught the attention of Thursday's Geoff Rickly while playing a gig together one night in their hometown of Bloomington, Indiana. Rickly promptly brought the band, then called Little Joe ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
'52 Ford8
7th Street Wonderland (Ohia cover)0
A Caucus Race3
A Masters in Reverse Psychology7
A Second Opinion4
American Carny Theme0
Another Year (Amanda Palmer cover)1
As Long as There Is Whiskey in the World4
Ball & Chain2
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Sonny Bono cover)0
Big Dark Love0
Blue Christmas0
Boy Decide4
Canyon Inn, Room 166
Chasin' Ghosts0
Christmas (Please Baby Come Home)0
Come Thursday1
Comin' Home4
Como Panuelos Blancos de Adios0
Crows (Demo)0
Daddy's Comin' Out of the Bathroom!0
Dead Men and Sinners4
Ditch Lilly0
Don't Cry (Guns N Roses cover)0
Dream in Red0
Dynamite Mine7
End of the Line5
End of the Road2
Everybody Loves Him and His Name Is Robocop0
Everything Must Rest0
Film Credits0
Finch's Theme0
Finch's Theme (Reprise)0
Five Years (David Bowie cover)0
Flamenco's Fuckin' Easy1
For Matt Davis2
For the Miner (Samantha Crain cover)0
Get Up0
Ghost Fields0
Go to the Light0
Good Morning, Magpie2
Graycap Memory Bulb0
Hard World4
Holiday Road (Lindsey Buckingham cover)0
Holy Lord, Shawshank Redemption Is Such a Good Movie!14
Home (O'Death cover)0
Human Memory Bulb0
I Came Around2
I Have Arrived0
I Shot an Arrow0
I'll Be Home for Christmas0
I'll Go0
I'm Afraid of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf20
In the Branches (Builders and the Butchers cover)0
Ink for the Pen (Sam Lowry cover)0
Intergalactic Menopause21
It Will Never Die0
It's Christmas Time (Part 1) (James Brown cover)0
Joe Bou2
Kentucky Bourbon3
Killbot 200013
King of the Gutters, Prince of the Dogs3
Knife Goes In, Guts Come Out9
Last Night on Earth0
Last Thing0
Let's Take the Train0
Little Robert0
Lost River2
Lounge Act (Nirvana cover)0
Mele Kalikimaka0
Moon Is Up0
My Baby Shot Me Down0
My Evergreen (Squirrel Nut Zippers cover)0
My Hill1
Natural Pearl0
Never Be0
New Old City0
No Oath, No Spell1
O Holy Night0
Oh, to Be an Animal0
On the Dark Streets Below3
One Man's Shame (William Elliott Whitmore cover)0
One More Notch4
Only Time0
Ooh La La (That Dog Is Thinkin' 'Bout Life)0
Organ Grinder6
Perfect Robert0
Piece by Piece1
Pillars of Salt1
Queen Mab0
Raise the Shade0
Raw Deal3
Red Dawn0
Robert's in Town0
Rum Brave3
Send Me Home1
Social Gatherings1
Solitary One0
Sometimes the Line Walks You3
Songasaurus Rex0
Spring Break 189911
Steal Away2
Steam Rising3
Straight at the Sun0
Strange Eyes1
Strange Song0
That Crown Don't Make You a Prince2
The Big Sleep9
The Black Spot3
The Curse of Elkhart0
The Day2
The Desert Is on Fire6
The Devil Drives3
The Devil in Mexico11
Theme (For Ennio Morricone)3
Theme to the Film American Carny0
This Song Is Brought to You by the Letter C and the Number 60
Those Who Left7
Those Who Stayed2
Three Men Hanging2
Travelin' Far0
True Dark0
Until Morale Improves, the Beatings Will Continue10
We Only Come Out at Night (Smashing Pumpkins cover)0
We Watch a Lot of Movies0
White Noise2
You Are the Last Dragon (You Possess the Power of the Glow)7
You Don't Miss Twice (When You're Shavin' with a Knife)1