The Kills

The bluesy punk duo the Kills consist of vocalist/guitarist VV, aka Alison Mosshart, formerly of the Florida punk band Discount, and drummer/guitarist/vocalist Hotel, aka Jamie Hince. After Discount ended in 2000, VV began ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
44 (Howlin' Wolf cover)0
Alphabet Pony11
At The Back Of The Shell5
Baby Says14
Baby's Eyes1
Bitter Fruit0
Black Balloon16
Black Rooster3
Black Tar2
Blue Moon1
Cat Claw4
Cheap and Cheerful24
Crazy (Patsy Cline cover)0
Damned If She Do3
Days of Why and How0
Dead Road 75
Doing It to Death3
Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)0
Dropout Boogie (Captain Beefheart cover)3
Echo Home2
Fried My Little Brains9
Fuck the People6
Future Starts Slow9
Getting Down11
Goodnight Bad Morning10
Goodnight Heartache0
Gypsy Death And You8
Half Of Us4
Hard Habit to Break0
Heart Is A Beating Drum2
Heart of a Dog0
Hit Me When U-1-22
Hook and Line6
Hum for Your Buzz0
I Call It Art0
I Call It Art (La Chanson de Slogan) (Serge Gainsbourg cover)2
I Hate The Way You Love6
I Hate the Way You Love, Pt. 22
I'm Set Free0
Impossible Tracks0
Jewel Thief2
Kissy Kissy3
Last Day of Magic21
Let It Drop0
London Hates You4
Love Is a Deserter4
Monkey 236
Nail In My Coffin3
Night Train2
No Wow4
No Wow/Telephone Radio Germany0
One Silver Dollar (Marilyn Monroe cover)0
Pale Blue Eyes (The Velvet Underground cover)3
Passion Is Accurate1
Pots and Pans2
Pull A U6
Restaurant Blouse0
Rodeo Town6
Run Home Slow1
Siberian Nights0
Sour Cherry7
Space Race Electric Horse0
Sugar Baby2
Sweet Cloud4
Tape Song28
Telephone Radio Germany2
That Love0
The Good Ones17
The Last Goodbye8
The Search for Cherry Red (Jonathan Fire Eater cover)3
The Void1
Ticket Man4
U.R.A. Fever11
Venus in Furs (The Velvet Underground cover)0
Weed Killer1
What New York Used to Be6
Whirling Eye0
Wild Charms2
Willow Weep for Me (Frank Sinatra cover)0
You Don't Own The Road1
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