Song Name   Comments
Alone Again10
Back in the Streets0
Better Off Before0
Bitter Regret0
Breaking the Chains3
Bullets to Spare1
Burning Like A Flame1
Can You See0
Care for You0
Care for You [Unplugged Version]0
Change the World0
Convenience Store Messiah0
Cracks in the Ground0
Crazy Mary Goes Round0
Cry Again [Instrumental]0
Cry of the Gypsy1
Day After Day0
Don't Bring Me Down0
Don't close your eyes1
Don't Lie to Me1
Dream Warriors14
Drown [DVD]0
Erase the Slate0
Everybody Needs (To Be With Someone)0
From the Beginning0
Goodbye My Friend0
Hard to Believe0
Haunted Lullabye0
Heart Full of Soul0
Heart to Stone0
Heartless Heart0
Heaven Sent1
Here I Stand0
Hole in My Head0
How I Miss Your Smile0
I Can't See You0
I Feel0
I Remember0
I Surrender0
I Will Remember0
I've Found0
In My Dreams1
In My Dreams [DVD]0
In My Dreams [Live]0
In the Middle0
In Your Honor0
Inside Looking Out0
Into the Fire5
It's Not Love2
Jaded Heart0
Judgement Day0
Judgment Day0
Just Got Lucky0
Kiss of Death1
Lesser of Two Evils0
Lightnin' Strikes Again0
Little Girl0
Live to Rock0
Live to Rock (Rock to Live)0
Long Way Home0
Lost Behind the Wall0
Maddest Hatter0
Mirror Mirror0
Mr. Scary0
Night by Night0
Nothing Left To Say0
Only Heaven Knowa0
Paris Is Burning0
Paris is Burning (live)0
Prisoner [Live]0
Puppet on a String0
Seven Thunders0
Shadows of Life0
Sign of the Times0
Sky Beneath My Feet0
Sleepless Nights0
Slippin' Away0
So Many Tears0
Standing in the Shadows0
Standing on the Outside0
Stick to Your Guns0
Still I'm Sad0
Stop Fighting Love1
Sunless Days0
Sweet Chains0
Sweet Life0
The Hunter2
The Last Goodbye0
The Maze0
There Was a Time0
This Fire0
Til the Livin' End0
Too High To Fly0
Tooth and Nail2
Tooth and Nail [Live]0
Turn on the Action0
Unchain the Night3
Unchain the Night [Live]0
Unchain the Night [Unplugged Version]0
Under the Gun0
Until I Know0
Upon Your Lips0
Voice of the Soul0
Walk Away2
We're Going Wrong0
What Price0
When Heaven Comes Down2
Who Believes0
Will The Sun Rise1
Without Warning0
Young Girls0
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