Woody Guthrie

Woody Guthrie was the most important American folk music artist of the first half of the 20th century, in part because he turned out to be such a major influence on the popular music of the second half of the 20th century, a ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
900 Miles0
A Dollar Down0
A Picture from Life's Other Side0
Aginst Th' Law0
Ain't Gonna Be Treated This Way0
Airline To Heaven0
Alabama Bound0
All Work Together0
All You Fascists1
Another Man's Done Gone0
At My Window Sad & Lonely0
Baltimore to Washington0
Beaumont Rag0
Bed on the Floor0
Belle Starr0
Billy the Kid0
Birds & Ships0
Black Wind Blowing0
Bling Blang0
Blood of the Lamb0
Blowin' Down the Road (I Ain't Going To Be Treated This Way)0
Brown Eyes0
Bubble Gum0
Buffalo Gals0
Buffalo Skinners0
Bury Me Beneath the Willow0
Cadillac Eight0
California Stars2
Car Song2
Christ for President0
Circle Of Truth0
Columbus Stockade1
Come When I Call You0
Cumberland Gap0
Dance A Little Longer0
Dance Around My Atom Fire0
Danville Girl0
Danville Girl, No. 20
Dead or Alive0
Dear Mrs. Roosevelt1
Deportee (Plane Crash at Los Gatos)0
Do Re Mi6
Don't You Push Me Down0
Don’t Kill My Baby and My Son0
Dust Bowl Refugee0
Dust Can't Kill Me1
Dust Storm Disaster0
Dusty Old Dust (So Long, It's Been Good to Know You)2
East Texas Red0
Eisler On the Go0
Ezekiel Saw The Wheel0
Feed of Man0
From Here On In0
Get Along Little Doggies0
God and Joseph0
God's Promise0
Goin' Away To Sea0
Going Down the Road (Feeling Bad)0
Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight0
Gonna Get Through This World0
Goodnight Irene0
Greenback Dollar0
Guitar Blues0
Gypsy Davy2
Hang Knot0
Hangknot, Slipknot0
Hanuka Bell0
Hanuka Dance0
Hanuka Gelt0
Hanuka's Flame0
Hanukah Tree0
Happy Joyous Hanuka0
Hard Ain't It Hard0
Hard Travelin'1
Hard, Ain't It Hard0
He And She0
Headdy Down0
Heaven My Home0
Hesitating Beauty0
Hey Lolly Lolly0
Hobo's Lullaby4
Holy Ground0
Honeyky Hanuka0
Hoodoo Voodoo0
Hot Rod Hotel0
Howdi Do0
I Ain't Got No Home3
I Ain't Got Nobody0
I Guess I Planted0
I Hear You Sing Again0
I Ride an Old Paint0
I Take My Penny0
I Was Born0
I've Got To Know1
Ilsa Koch0
Indian Corn Song0
Ingrid Bergman0
Jackhammer Blues0
Jarama Valley1
Jesse James0
Jesus Christ1
Jig Along Home0
Jiggy Jiggy Bum0
Joe Dimaggio Done It Again0
John Henry0
Johnny Hart0
Keep That Oil A-Rollin'0
Little Seed0
Lost John0
Lost John With Sonny0
Lost Train Blues0
Love Thyself0
Ludlow Massacre0
Mail Myself To You0
Mean Talking Blues0
Mean Things Happenin’ In This World0
Meanest Man0
Mermaid's Avenue0
Midnight Special0
More Pretty Girls Than One0
Muleskinner Blues0
My Dolly0
My Flying Saucer0
My Peace0
My Yellow Crayon0
New York Town0
Ninety Mile Wind0
Oklahoma Hills0
Old Time Religion0
One by One0
Orange Blossom Ring0
Pass Away0
Pastures Of Plenty1
Peace Call0
Philadelphia Lawyer0
Plane Wreck At Los Gatos (Deportee)0
Poor Boy0
Post War Breakout0
Pretty Boy Floyd1
Put Your Finger in the Air0
Race You Down The Mountain0
Railroad Bill0
Railroad Blues0
Ramblin' Reckless Hobo0
Ramblin' Round0
Red River Valley0
Remember The Mountain Bed0
Ride Old Paint0
Riding In My Car0
Roll On Columbia0
Sally, Don't You Grieve0
Secret Of The Sea0
She Came Along to Me0
Ship In The Sky0
Sixteen Tons0
Skip to My Lou0
Sleep Eye0
Slipknot (Hang Knot)0
So Long, It's Been Good To Know Yuh (Dusty Old Dust)0
Someday Some Morning Sometime0
Sourwood Mountain0
Sowing on the Mountain1
Springfield Mountain0
Stetson Kennedy0
Talking Columbia0
Talking Dust Bowl Blues0
Talking Fishing Blues0
Talking Hard Work0
Talking Merchant Marine0
Talking Subway0
Talking Union0
Tear the Fascists Down0
The 1913 Massacre3
The Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done 0
The Dust Pneumonia Blues0
The Dying Doctor0
The Dying Miner0
The Farmer-Labor Train0
The Grand Coulee Dam1
The Great Dust Storm (Dust Storm Disaster)0
The Jolly Banker0
The Ladies' Auxiliary0
The Many and the Few0
The Ranger's Command0
The Sinking Of The Reuben James0
The Unwelcome Guest2
This Land Is Your Land17
This Land Is Your Land (1944 Asch Recording)2
This Land is Your Land (Alternate Version)0
This Morning I Am Born Again0
This Train Is Bound For Glory0
Tom Joad1
Tom Joad (Part 2)0
Two Good Men0
Union Burying Ground1
Union Maid1
Vanzetti's Rock0
Vigilante Man2
Waiting at the Gate0
Wake Up0
Walt Whitman's Niece0
Washington Talkin' Blues0
Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key3
What Did the Deep Sea Say?0
Wheel Of Life0
When the Curfew Blow0
Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?0
Why, Oh Why?0
Worried Man Blues0
Your Sandal String0