The Residents

  Said to have originated in Liverpool, Louisiana, The Residents emerged as a bizarre and anonymous band in 1972. After moving to San Francisco, their first official release was "Santa Dog", a song that sounded like ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Spirit Steals a Child0
Act of Being Polite9
Arctic Hysteria0
Bach Is Dead11
Back To Normality?0
Bathsheba Bathes0
Betty's Body2
Birds in the Trees1
Birthday Boy5
Blue Rosebuds2
Boo Who?1
Booker Tease1
Bouncing Benny0
Boxes of Armageddon0
Breath and Length0
Bridegroom of Blood0
Burn Baby Burn0
Burn Baby Burn [Road]0
Burn My Bones1
Cain and Abel0
Confused (By What I Felt Inside)0
Confused by What I Felt0
Constantinople [*]0
Consuelo's Departure0
Daydream Believer0
Dead Men0
Dead Wood0
Death In Barstow0
Demons Dance Alone4
Deployment / Saturation0
Die In Terror2
Dimples and Toes1
Don't Tread On Me0
Dreaming of an Anthill (Teeming)0
Driving the Moles Away0
Easter Woman2
Elmer's Song0
Elvis And His Boss2
End of Home1
Everyone Comes to the Freak Show0
Failure / Reconstruction0
Festival of Death [Excerpt]0
Fine Fat Flies0
Fine Flat Flies0
Fire Fall1
First Warning0
Flight of the Bumble Roach0
Forty-Four No More0
From the plains of mexico1
Gator Hater! [Instrumental]0
Genesis [DVD][Instrumental]0
Ghost Child0
Ginger's Lament0
Give it to Someone Else3
God's Magic Finger0
Gone Again0
Guylum Bardot3
Handful of Desire1
Hanging By His Hair1
Hanging by His Hair [Road]0
Hard & Tenderly0
Harry the Head0
Hello Skinny12
Herman -- The Human Mole0
Hole-Workers New Hymn0
Home Age Conversation0
Honey Bear0
How to Get a Head0
I Hate Heaven0
I Left My Heart in San Francisco0
I'm Dreaming of a White Sailor0
I'm Not Crazy0
Infant Tango1
Ingrid's Oily Tongue0
Inner Space0
It Never Stops0
Jailhouse Rock1
Japanese Watercolor0
Jello Jack -- The Boneless Boy0
Jello Jack: The Boneless Boy0
Judas Saves1
Just For You0
Kick A Picnic1
Kill him1
King of Kings [DVD][Instrumental]0
Kiss of Flesh0
Krafty Cheese0
Laughing Song3
Less Not More1
Life Would Be Wonderful4
Lizard Lady3
Loss if Innocence1
Loss of a Loved One0
Love is...1
Love Leaks Out1
Main Titles (God in Three Pearsons)0
Main Titles (God In Three Persons)1
Make Me Moo0
March De La Winni0
March to the Sea0
Margaret Freeman2
Melancholy Clumps0
Melon Collie Lassie0
Mickey -- The Mumbling Midget0
Mickey Macaroni2
Misdelivered Mummy! [Instrumental]0
Mother No More0
Mr. Bee's Bumble0
Mr. Misery0
My Brother Paul0
My Second Wife0
My Window0
My Work is So Behind0
N-er-gee (Crisis Blues)0
Nice Old Man3
Nobody Laughs When They Leave0
Not Available, Part 1: Edweena0
Not Available, part 2: The Making of a Soul0
Not Available, Part 3: Ship's a Goin' Down0
Not Available, Part 4: Never Known Questions0
Not Available, Part 5: Epilogue0
Numb Erone0
Olive and Gray0
On the Way to Oklahoma0
Pain and Pleasure0
Perfect Love2
Picnic Boy1
Picnic in the Jungle1
Pictures from a Little Girl0
Rabbit Habit0
Red Rider0
Rest Aria0
Santa Dog1
Save the World [Instrumental]0
Seasoned Greetings0
Shorty's Lament0
Sinister Exaggerator5
Six Amber Things0
Six Things to a Cycle0
Smelly Tongues0
Spilling the Seed0
Spotted Pinto Bean0
Suburban Bathers3
Tent Peg in the Temple0
Termites from Formosa! [Instrumental]0
The Aging Musician0
The Angry Angakok0
The Ascetic1
The Beards! [Instrumental]0
The Beekeeper's Daughter1
The Booker Tease0
The Butcher0
The Car Thief0
The Confused Transsexual0
The Dying Oilman0
The Electrocutioner0
The Festival of Death0
The Kid Who Collected Crimes! [Instrumental]0
The Lizard Lady0
The Monkey Man2
The Nameless Souls0
The New Hymn0
The Observer0
The Old Soldier0
The Old Woman0
The Service, Pt .20
The Service, Pt. 10
The Seven Ugly Cows0
The Simple Song2
The Sinister Exaggerator0
The Sky Falls0
The Sold-Out Artist0
The Spot0
The Talk of Creatures1
The Thing About Them0
The Touch0
The Tunnels Are Filling0
The Voice of Midnight [Instrumental][Excerpt]0
The Walrus Hunt0
The Weatherman0
The Weaver0
The Whispering Boys0
Their Early Years0
They Are the Meat0
Tourniquet Of Roses0
Tragic Bells0
Troubled Man0
Tweedles [Instrumental][Excerpt]0
Two Lips0
Ugly Rumors0
Ups and Downs0
Voices Of The Air0
Walter Westinghouse2
Walter Westinghouse [*]0
Wanda -- The Worm Woman0
Wanda the Worm Woman0
we stole this riff0
Weight-Lifting Lulu2
What Have My Chickens Done Now?1
Why Are We Crying?0
Won't you Keep Us Working0
Won't You Keep Us Working?0
Would We Be Alive?0
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