MC Frontalot

As Chuck D of Public Enemy memorably put it, "Hip-hop is the CNN of the ghetto." While it serves that purpose, hip-hop started as a much broader genre and eventually, after emerging from the wasteland of gangsta, regained ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Little Bit Broad0
A Skit About Vocations0
A Very Unlikely Occurrence0
Better at Rapping0
Bizarro Genius Baby2
Black Box0
Captains of Industry0
Charisma Potion0
Charity Case0
Chisel Down0
Colonel, Panic!0
Crime Spree1
Critical Hit0
Devil in the Attic0
Diseases of Yore0
Everyone's a Critic0
Final Boss0
First World Problem0
Floating Bridge3
Forbidden Planet0
Front the Least0
Front The Most0
Gold Locks0
Gonna Be Your Man0
Good Old Clyde1
Goth Girls3
Hassle: The Dorkening1
I Can See0
I Hate Your Blog0
I Heart Fags2
I'll Form the Head0
In Arrears0
Indier Than Thou5
Invasion of the Not Quite Dead0
It Is Pitch Dark1
Jacquelyn Hyde0
Just Once0
Listen Close1
Livin' At The Corner Of Dude & Catastrophe3
Message No. 4191
Mornings Come and Go0
Mountain Kind2
Much Chubbier0
My Sister0
Nerd Versus Jock0
Nerdcore Hiphop1
Nerdcore Rising1
Origin of Species2
Penny Arcade Theme5
Power User0
Pr0n S0ng0
Problems: Mr. Cenac0
Problems: Mr. Mirman0
Problems: Ms. Schaal0
Question and Answer Time0
Rappers We Crush0
Rewind That Back2
Romantic Cheapskate2
Romantic Cheapskate v2.00
Scare Goat0
Secrets From The Future0
Shame of the Otaku0
Socks On0
Special Delivery2
Speed Queen1
Spoiler Alert0
Start Over0
Stoop Sale0
The AM Radio Skit0
The Council of Loathing0
The Tribulations of Muffy and Percival0
This Old Man0
Tongue-Clucking Grammarian0
Two Dreamers0
Very Poorly Concealed Secret Track0
Victorian Space Prostitute0
Which MC Was That?1
Yellow Lasers4
You Got Asperger's1
Your Friend Wil0
Zero Day0
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