The Shirelles

The Shirelles were an American girl group in the early 1960s, and the first to have a number one single on the Billboard Hot 100. The members of the quartet were Shirley Owens (the main lead singer; later known as Shirley ... Read more
What's Happening
Song Name   Comments
A Last Minute Miracle0
A Thing of the Past0
Baby It's You0
Baby It's You [*]0
Baby It’s You0
Baby Its You0
Baby, it's you0
Big John0
Big John [*]0
Blue Holiday0
Bright Shiny Colors0
Celebrate Your Victory0
Dedicated to the One I Love1
Don't Go Home (My Little Darling)0
Everybody Loves a Lover1
Everybody Loves a Lover [*]0
Foolish Little Girl1
His Lips Get in the Way0
I Didn't Mean To Hurt You0
I Met Him on a Sunday0
In the Still of the Night [#]0
It's Going to Take Some Time0
It's Love That Really Counts0
It's Mine0
Johnny Angel1
Last Minute Miracle0
Look Away0
Love Is a Swingin' Thing0
Love That Man0
Make The Night A Little Longer0
Mama Said3
Mama Said [Live]0
March (You'll Be Sorry)0
New Orleans [Instrumental]0
No Doubt About It0
Oh No, Not My Baby0
Please Be My Boyfriend0
Please Go Away0
Potato Chips [Instrumental]0
Putty in Your Hands0
Remember Me0
Sha La La0
Shades of Blue0
Soldier Boy0
Thank You Baby0
Till My Baby Comes Home0
Tonight You're Gonna Fall in Love With Me0
Tonight's the Night0
Too Much of a Good Thing0
Voice of Experience0
Wait Till I Give the Signal0
Welcome Home Baby0
What a Sweet Thing That Was0
What Does a Girl Do?0
What Is Love?0
What's Going On0
Will You Love Me Tomarrow0
Will You Love Me Tomorrow0
Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Carol King cover)9
Will You Love Me Tomorrow [DVD Video]0
Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Windy City Weather0
Will You Love Me Tomorrow?0
Will You Love Me Tomorrow? [Stereo]0
Will You Still Love Me Tomarrow0
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow0
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