Sandy Denny

Alexandra Elene Maclean "Sandy" Denny (6 January 1947 – 21 April 1978) was an English singer and songwriter, best known as a lead singer for the folk rock band Fairport Convention.  After a brief stint with ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
3.10 to Yuma0
3.10 to Yuma [Alternate Take]0
3: 10 To Yuma0
3:10 to Yuma0
After Halloween0
All I Need Is You0
All Our Days0
And You Need Me0
At the End of the Day0
At the End of the Day [#]0
At the End of the Day [Alternate Take Without Strings]0
At the End of the Day [Alternate Take][*]0
Been on the Road So Long0
Blackwaterside [BBC in Concert - Paris Theatre 16/3/72]0
Blues Run the Game0
Bruton Town0
Bruton Town (BBC in Concert)0
Bruton Town [BBC in Concert - Paris Theatre 16/3/72]0
Bruton Town [Radio Session]0
Bushes and Briars1
Bushes and Briars [Radio Session]0
By the Time It Gets Dark0
By the Time It Gets Dark [#]0
By the Time It Gets Dark [Alternate Take][#]0
Candle in the Wind0
Carnival (demo version)0
Cold Feet0
Crazy Lady Blues0
Crazy Lady Blues [Demo]0
Dark the Night0
Don't Be Cruel0
Down in the Flood0
Easy to Slip0
Easy to Slip [#]0
Easy to Slip [*]0
Farewell, Farewell0
For Nobody to Hear0
For Shame of Doing Wrong0
Full Moon0
Full Moon [*]0
Full Moon [Bonus Tracks]0
Full Moon [Home Recording][#]0
Gold Dust0
Gypsy Davey0
Here in Silence0
Here in Silence [*]0
I Wish I Was a Fool for You0
I'm a Dreamer0
I'm a Dreamer ] ]0
I've Been My Own Worst Friend0
It Suits Me Well0
It'll Take a Long Time0
It'll Take a Long Time [*]0
It's A Boy0
Jambalaya (On the Bayou)0
John the Gun0
John the Gun [BBC in Concert - Paris Theatre 16/3/72]0
King & Queen of England [Home Recording]0
Knockin' on Heaven's Door0
Late November2
Late November [BBC Session - Bob Harris 24/8/71]0
Learning the Game0
Let's Jump the Broomstick0
Like an Old Fashioned Waltz0
Listen, Listen0
Lord Bateman (demo)1
Lord Bateman [Instrumental]0
Lord Bateman [Instrumental] [#][Instrumental]0
Losing Game [#]0
Losing Game [*]0
Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor0
Man of Iron0
Man of Iron [*]0
Milk and Honey0
Milk and Honey [Alternate Take]0
Moments [#]0
Moments [*]0
Moments [Bonus Tracks]0
Moments [Final Studio Recording]0
Music Weaver0
My Ramblin' Boy0
Next Time Around0
Next Time Around [#]0
Next Time Around [BBC in Concert - Paris Theatre 16/3/72]0
Next Time Around [Demo]0
No End0
No End [#]0
No More Sad Refrains1
Nobody's Wedding0
Nothing Else Will Do0
Nothing More0
Now and Then0
One More Chance0
One Way Donkey Ride0
Painted Ladies0
Pretty Polly0
Pretty Polly [Alternate Take]0
Quiet Joys of Brotherhood0
Rising for the Moon0
Sail Away to the Sea0
Sea Captain0
She Moves Through the Fair [Demo Version]0
Silver Threads and Golden Needles0
Stay Awhile With Me0
Stranger to Himself2
Sweet Rosemary0
Sweet Rosemary [*]0
Take Away the Load (Sandy's Song)0
Take Me Away0
Take Me Away [#][Demo Version]0
Tam Lin0
Tell Me What You See in Me0
The 3.10 to Yuma0
The 3:10 to Yuma0
The Ballad of Ned Kelly0
The False Bride0
The King & Queen of England0
The King and Queen of England0
The Lady0
The Lady [#][Demo Version]0
The Last Thing On My Mind0
The Last Thing On My Mind [Superior Re-Record] [Alternate Take]0
The Loco-Motion0
The Lowlands of Holland (BBC Session)0
The Music Weaver0
The North Star Grassman and the Ravens0
The Optimist0
The Optimist (demo version)0
The Optimist [Demo]0
The Pond and The Stream1
The Poor Ditching Boy0
The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood0
The Sea0
The Sea Captain1
The Sea Captain [Demo]0
This Train0
Tomorrow Is a Long Time0
Two Weeks Last Summer0
Until the Real Thing Comes Along0
Until the Real Thing Comes Along [Radio Session]0
Walking the Floor over You0
Walking the Floor Over You [*]0
Walking the Floor Over You [Duet]0
What Is True?0
When Will I Be Loved?0
Whispering Grass0
Whispering Grass [Radio Session]0
Who Knows Where the Time Goes0
Who Knows Where the Time Goes [Demo Version]0
Who Knows Where The Time Goes?5
Willie and the Hand Jive0
Winter Winds0
Wretched Wilbur0
Wretched Wilbur [Demo]0
You Never Wanted Me0
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