John Martyn

Singer/songwriter/guitarist John Martyn was born Iain David McGeachy on September 11, 1948, in New Malden, Surrey, and raised in Glasgow by his grandmother. He began his innovative and expansive career at the age of 17 with ... Read more
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Ain't No Saint0
Ain't No Saint [#][Instrumental]0
Annie Says0
Back Down The River0
Bless The Weather2
Bless the Weather [Take 4][*]0
Call Me0
Call Me Crazy0
Certain Surprise0
Certain Surprise [Live]0
Cocaine Lill1
Could've Been Me0
Couldn't Love You More3
Couldn't Love You More [Instrumental]0
Couldn't Love You More [Live]0
Couldn't Love You More [Start]0
Dealer [Alternate Take]0
Dealer [Live]0
Dealer [Studio Outtake][Alternate Take]0
Don't want to know3
Dreams By The Sea0
Dreams by the Sea [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take]0
Dreams by the Sea [Alternate Take][*]0
Dreams by the Sea [Alternative Take]0
Easy Blues0
Eibhli Ghail Chiuin Ni Cherbhail0
Ellie Rhee0
Excuse Me Mister0
Excuse Me Mr.0
Fairy Tale Lullaby0
Father Time0
Feel So Bad0
Fine Lines0
Gentle Blues0
Go Down Easy1
Go Down Easy [Alternate Take 2] [Alternate Take]0
Go Down Easy [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take]0
Go Down Easy [Alternate Take][*]0
Go Down Easy [Alternative Take]0
Go Easy1
God's Song0
God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind)0
Head And Heart1
Hole in the Rain0
How Fortunate the Man with None0
Hurt in your Heart3
Hurt In Your Heart [Instrumental] [Instrumental][Outtake]0
Hurt in Your Heart [Live][#]0
I'd rather be the devil0
I'd Rather Be the Devil (Devil Got My Woman)0
I'd Rather Be the Devil (Devil Got My Woman) [#]0
I'd Rather Be the Devil (Devil Got My Woman) [Alternative Take]0
I'd Rather Be the Devil (Devil Got My Woman) [Previously Unreleased Liv0
I'd Rather Be the Devil [*]0
I'd Rather Be the Devil [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take]0
I'd Rather Be the Devil [Alternate Take][*]0
I'd Rather Be the Devil [Live][*]0
John Wayne0
John Wayne [Live][#]0
Johnny Too Bad0
Johnny Too Bad [DVD]0
Just Now2
Lay It All Down0
Let The Good Things Come0
Look In0
Lookin' On0
Make No Mistake0
Man in the Station0
May You Never9
My Baby Girl0
One Day Without You1
One Day Without You [*]0
One World0
One World [*]0
Outside In0
Over The Hill2
Over the Hill [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take]0
Over the Hill [Alternate Take][*]0
Over the Hill [Alternative Take]0
Over the Rainbow0
Over the Rainbow [*]0
Patterns in the Rain0
Please Fall in Love with Me0
Root Love0
Same Difference0
Sandy Grey0
Satisfied Mind0
Seven Black Roses [Instrumental]0
Singin' in the Rain0
Singing in the Rain0
Small Hours1
Small Hours [Instrumental]0
Small Hours [Studio Outtake][Instrumental]0
Smiling Stranger0
Smiling Stranger [Instrumental]0
Smiling Stranger [Studio Outtake][Instrumental]0
So Much In Love With You0
Solid Air5
Solid Air [#]0
Solid Air [Alternate Take] [Alternate Take]0
Solid Air [Alternate Take][*]0
Solid Air [Alternative Take]0
Solid Air [Instrumental] [Instrumental]0
Some People Are Crazy0
Some People Are Crazy [First Version] [Outtake]0
Spencer The Rover0
Spencer the Rover [#][*]0
Sugar Lump0
Sunday's Child0
Sunday's Child [#]0
Sweet Little Mystery0
The Dealer0
The Glory Of Love0
The Man In The Station0
The Man in the Station [Alternate Take]0
The Man in the Station [Alternate Take][*]0
The Message0
The Sky Is Crying0
Walk On The Water1
Ways To Cry0
Yes We Can0
You Can Discover0
You Don't Know What Love Is0
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