Spock's Beard

Spock's Beard is a progressive rock band formed in 1992 in Los Angeles by brothers Neal and Alan Morse. Neal played keyboards and was the lead vocalist, as well as being the primary songwriter; Alan plays electric guitar. ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
4th of July0
All is Vanity1
All on a Sunday1
All That's Left0
As Long as We Ride0
At the End of the Day2
Beware Of Darkness1
Beware of Darkness [Home Demo][*]0
Broken Promise Land0
Cakewalk on Easy Street3
Can't Get It Wrong0
Carry On0
Climbing Up That Hill0
Clumbing up That Hill1
Crack the Big Sky4
Day for Night4
Day for Night [Original Demo by Neal Morse]0
Devil's Got My Throat1
Devil's Got My Throat Revisited0
Distance to the Sun0
Dreaming in the Age of Answers0
East of Eden, West of Memphis1
Feel Euphoria0
Follow Me to Sleep0
Freak Boy0
Freak Boy Pt. 20
From The Darkness1
Game Face0
Ghosts Of Autumn0
Gibberish [Original Demo by Neal Morse]0
Go the Way You Go2
Go the Way You Go [Home Demo]0
Goodbye to Yesterday0
Guy Named Sid, Pt. 1: Intro0
Guy Named Sid, Pt. 2: Same Old Story1
Guy Named Sid, Pt. 3: You Don't Know1
Guy Named Sid, Pt. 4: Judge1
Guy Named Sid, Pt. 5: Sid's Boys Choir1
Guy Named Sid, Pt. 6: Change1
Harm's Way0
Here's a Man0
Hiding Out0
I Will Go0
I Wouldn't Let it Go1
I'm Dying0
I'm the Guy0
In the Mouth of Madness2
Into Fire0
Is This Love0
Jaws Of Heaven0
June [Home Demo][*]0
Kamikaze [Instrumental]0
Lay it Down0
Letting Go1
Long Time Suffering0
Looking for Answers0
Love Beyond Words0
Made Alive Again/Wind At My Back0
Made Alive/Overture0
Mommy Comes Back0
Moth of Many Flames0
Mouth of Madness0
My Shoes0
My Shoes (revisited)0
Of the Beauty of it All1
Of the Beauty of It All: If I Could Paint a Picture/Into the Great ...0
On a Perfect Day1
On the Edge0
Open The Gates Pt. 20
Open Wide The Flood Gates0
Second Overture1
She is Everything2
Shining Star1
Skeletons at the Feast0
Skeletons at the Feast [Instrumental]0
Snow's Night Out0
Solitary Soul1
Sometimes They Stay, Sometimes They Go0
Strange World0
Strange World [Home Demo][*]0
Stranger In A Strange Land0
Stream of Unconsciousness0
Surfing Down the Avalanche1
The 39th Street Blues (I'm Sick)0
The Ballet of the Impact2
The Bottom Line0
The Distance to the Sun0
The Doorway0
The Doorway [Home Demo]0
The Doorway [Home Demo][*]0
The Good Don't Last0
The Great Nothing5
The Gypsy0
The Healing Colors of Sound0
The Healing Colors Of Sound pt. 10
The Healing Colors of Sound Pt. 20
The Light8
The Light [Home Demo]0
The Light [Home Demo][*]0
The Planet's Hum0
The Slow Crash Landing Man0
The Water5
The Water [Live][Medley]0
There Was a Time0
They Know We Know0
Thoughts, Pt. 22
Time Has Come0
Urban Noise0
Walking on the Wind0
Walking on the Wind [Home Demo]0
Waste Away0
Watching the Tide0
Welcome to NYC0
When She's Gone0
Wherever You Stand0
Wind at My Back5
With Your Kiss0