The Handsome Family

Enter the dark forest of The Handsome Family. This is haunting and beautiful music— brilliant, emotionally-charged and totally unique. Maybe you just discovered them (like the 3 million people who've watched the True ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
#1 Country Song0
24-Hour Store0
3-Legged Dog0
A Beautiful Thing0
A Dark Eye2
A Shadow Underneath0
A Thousand Diamond Rings0
After We Shot The Grizzly0
All The Time In Airports0
All The TVs In Town0
Amelia Earhart vs. the Dancing Bear0
Beautiful William0
Birds You Cannot See0
Bottomless Hole0
Bowling Alley Bar0
Bury Me Here0
Cold, Cold, Cold0
Darling, My Darling0
Don't Be Scared0
Down In The Ground0
Down in the Valley of Hollow Logs0
Drunk by Noon3
Dry Bones0
Emily Shore 1819­18390
Everything That Rises Must Converge0
Fallen Peaches0
Far From Any Road19
Flapping Your Broken Wings1
Forgotten Lake0
Gail With The Golden Hair0
Glow Worm0
Grandmother Waits For You0
Hunter Green0
I Fell0
I Know You Are There0
If The World Should End In Fire0
If The World Should End In Ice0
In the Air0
June Bugs0
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Bob Dylan cover)0
Lake Geneva0
Last Night I Went Out Walking0
Lie Down0
Linger, Let Me Linger0
Little Sparrows0
Love Is Like0
My Beautiful Bride0
My Friend0
My Ghost1
My Sister's Tiny Hands0
No One Fell Asleep Alone0
One Way Up0
Our Blue Sky0
Passenger Pigeons0
Peace In The Valley Once Again0
Poor, Poor Lenore0
Shadow Underneath0
So Long0
So Much Wine1
Somewhere Else to Be0
Song of a Hundred Toads0
Tesla's Hotel Room1
The Bottomless Hole1
The Dutch Boy0
The Forgotten Lake0
The Giant of Illinois2
The House Carpenter0
The King Who Wouldn't Smile0
The Loneliness Of Magnets1
The Petrified Forest0
The Sad Milkman0
The Snow White Diner1
The Song Of A Hundred Toads2
The White Dog0
The Winding Corn Maze0
The Woman Downstairs2
There Is A Sound0
These Golden Jewels0
Tin Foil1
Up Falling Rock Hill0
Weightless Again4
When That Helicopter Comes1
When You Whispered0
Where The Birch Trees Lean1
White Lights0
Wild Wood0
Winnebago Skeletons0
Your Great Journey0
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