Phil Ochs

Phil Ochs is a figure both glorious and tragic who haunts the history of the 1960s folk revival and its aftermath. A topical singer and songwriter in the manner of Lee Hays, Pete Seeger, and Woody Guthrie from the previous ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Toast To Those Who Are Gone0
A Year to Go By0
A.M.A. Song0
All My Heroes Are Dead0
All Quiet on the Western Front0
Another Age0
Another Country0
As I Walk Alone0
Automation Song0
Bach, Beethoven, Mozart & Me0
Ballad of Medgar Evers0
Ballad of Oxford (Jimmy Meredith)0
Ballad of the Carpenter0
Ballad of the Cuban Invasion0
Ballad of William Worthy0
Basket In The Pool2
Bound For Glory1
Boy In Ohio0
Bullets Of Mexico0
Chaplain Of The War1
Chords Of Fame2
Christine Keeler0
City Boy0
Colored Town1
Cops Of The World6
Cross My Heart0
Davey Moore0
Days Of Decision0
Do What I Have To Do0
Doesn't Lenny Live Here Anymore3
Draft Dodger Rag9
Fallen Star0
Fifty Mile Hike0
Firehouse 350
First Snow0
Flower Lady3
Freedom Riders0
Gas Station Women0
Going Down To Mississippi0
Green Hills0
Half A Century High0
Hazard, Kentucky0
Here's to the State of Mississippi0
Here's to the State of Richard Nixon5
How High's The Watergate0
How Long1
Hunger And Cold0
I Ain't Marching Anymore6
I Going To Say It Now0
I Kill Therefore I Am0
I Like Hitler0
I'll Be There0
I'm Going to Say It Now0
I'm Tired0
I've Had Her2
If I Knew0
In The Heat Of The Summer2
Is There Anybody Here?0
It's Been A Long, Long Story0
Jim Dean Of Indiana1
Joe Hill0
Just One Of Those Days0
Kansas City Bomber0
Keep The Change0
Knock On The Door0
Links On The Chain0
Lou Marsh0
Love Is A Rainbow0
Love Me, I'm A Liberal11
Maintaining Law And Order0
Men Behind The Guns1
Mona Lisa0
Monroe Town0
My Kingdom For A Car0
My Life0
Never Again0
Never Bet Against the Yankees0
New Town0
Niko Mchumba Ngobe0
No Christmas In Kentucky0
No More Songs3
On Her Hand A Golden Ring0
On My Way0
One More Parade1
One Way Ticket Home1
Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends6
Paul Crump0
Pleasures Of The Harbor4
Power and the Glory0
Pretty Smart On My Part2
Rehearsals For Retirement1
Remember Me0
Ringing Of Revolution3
Rivers Of The Blood0
Sailors And Soldiers0
Santo Domingo0
Sing Along With Me0
Smash Flop Hits0
Song Of My Returning0
Spanish Civil War Song1
Take It Out Of My Youth0
Talkin' Pay TV0
Talking Birmingham Jam0
Talking Cuban Crisis1
Talking Plane Disaster0
Talking Vietnam0
Tape From California2
Ten Cents A Coup0
That Was The President0
That's The Way It's Gonna Be0
That's What I Want To Hear0
The Ballad Of Alferd Packer0
The Ballad Of Billie Sol0
The Ballad Of John Henry Faulk0
The Ballad Of John Train0
The Ballad Of Sonny Liston0
The Ballad Of U.S. Steel0
The Bells0
The Cannons Of Christianity1
The Confession0
The Doll House0
The Floods Of Florence1
The Harder They Fall2
The Highwayman0
The Hills Of West Virginia3
The Iron Lady1
The Marines Have Landed On The Shores Of Santo Domingo0
The Party2
The Passing Of My Life0
The Sad And Silent Song Of A Soldier0
The Scorpion Departs But Never Returns1
The Thresher0
The Torture Garden0
The Trial0
The War Is Over5
The World Began In Eden And Ended In Los Angeles1
There But For Fortune0
They Were Ready for That Day0
This Old World Is Changing Hands0
Time Was0
Too Many Martyrs0
United Fruit0
Viet Nam0
Vietnam Talkin’ Blues1
We Seek No Wider War0
What Are You Fighting For?0
What's That I Hear?0
When First Unto This Country0
When I'm Gone4
When In Rome3
Where There's A Will There's A Way0
Where Were You In Chicago?0
White Boots Marching In A Yellow Land1
William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park And Escapes Unscathed2
William Moore0
You Can't Get Stoned Enough1
You Should Have Been Down In Mississppi0
Your Eyes Will Taste Of The Flowers0
Yukon Air Crash0
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