Song Name   Comments
A Badtime Story2
A Bellyful Of Emptiness0
A Broken Promised Land1
A Clown Of Thorns2
A Dog In The Manger2
A Good Day to Bury Bad News1
A Minute's Piece [Instrumental]0
A Near Life Experience0
A Room Next Door0
A Stranger In The Garden0
A Survival Campaign0
A Well Beside The River4
A Word To The Wise0
Alone In Death's Shadow3
Another Fine Mess0
Any Old Irony?0
Brimstone Ballet1
Building A Ruin2
Bury Me1
By George [Instrumental]0
Cancer Of The Heart2
Cardboard City0
Cardboard City [Live]0
Catherine At The Wheel0
Civil War Dance1
Clown of Thorns0
Come on Eileen0
Come On Eileen (Dexy's Midnight Runners cover)0
Constance Eternal1
Cradle Will Fall0
Crux of the Message1
Cry Of The Land1
Dead Angels On Ice0
Desperanto (A Song For Europe?)0
Earth Mother, The Sun And The Furious Host0
Fainting By Numbers0
Gammadion Seed0
Great Blow For A Day Job2
Halo Of Flies0
History Lessens0
History Lessons1
History Lessons (The Final Examination)0
I Dubious0
If I Die Laughing, It'll Be An Act Of God0
Inequality Street3
Intro: Pagan Man0
Isle Of Jura1
It Wasn't Meant To End This Way0
Jumping My Shadow0
Just What Nobody Wanted0
Karmageddon (The Suffering Silence)0
Kiss My Sweet Brass [Instrumental]0
Land Of The Rising Slum2
Little Miss Take3
Master Race1
Men Of Straw0
Moongleam And Meadowsweet3
Mr. Malaprope & Co.0
My Mother In Darkness0
My Naked I0
No Deposit, No Return0
No Strings Attached5
On With Their Heads!2
Our Dying Island0
Penny Dreadful1
Postcard From Planet Earth1
Quantity Time0
Ring Stone Round0
Sabre Dance [Instrumental]0
Salt On The Earth (Another Man's Poison)1
Science Never Sleeps0
Single Phial5
Sins Of Emission2
Snake Charming0
Something To Cling To0
Spinning Jenny0
Spiral Starecase0
Spiral Starecase [Instrumental]0
Still Spinning Shrapnel0
Swords of a Thousand Men1
The Antibody Politic1
The Cradle Will Fall0
The Declaration Of Indifference0
The Disenchanted Forest0
The Great Brain Robbery2
The Ilk Of Human Blindness0
The Once Piece Puzzle1
The One Piece Puzzle [Live]0
The Parliament of Fools0
The Present Imperfect0
The Silver Cloud's Dark Lining0
The Sinful Ensemble2
The Sky Beneath My Feet0
The Song of No-Involvement0
The Thread Of Evermore0
The Truth Famine0
The Wickedest Man In The World0
The Wickedest Man in the World [Live]0
The Widdershins Jig0
The Wrong Song0
Think Back and Lie of England0
Thinking Allowed0
Thinking Allowed?2
Thread of Evermore0
Trance Dance (A Dreamtime Walkabout)0
Tunnel Visionaries0
Turncoat Rebellion0
Vintage Whine1
When All Else Fails0
When God Logs Off0
Wickedest Man in the World0
Widdershins Jig0
Womb Of The Worm1
Worn Out Sole To Heel0
You Lost My Memory0
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