Song Name   Comments
A Good Fool Is Hard To Find0
Ain't Got Time0
Albert's Shuffle [Live][#][Instrumental]0
All About My Girl0
Angel of Mercy0
Avalanche [Instrumental]0
Baby, What You Want Me to Do0
Baby, What You Want Me to Do/Rock Me Baby0
Baby, What You Want Me to Do/Rock Me Baby [Medley]0
Bending Lika a Willow Tree0
Bending Like A Willow Tree0
Blue Monday Hangover0
Blues for Gabe0
But I Was Cool0
Cash Talkin' (The Working Man's Blues)0
Cash Talkin' (The Workingman's Blues)0
Cold Cold Feeling0
Cold Cuts0
Cold, Cold Feeling0
Conversation With Collins0
Do What You Want to Do0
Don't Go Reaching Across My Plate0
Don't Lose Your Cool0
Don't Mistake Kindness for Weakness0
Dyin' Flu0
Dyin' Flu [*]0
Ego Trip0
Get to Gettin'0
Give Me My Blues0
Good Fool Is Hard to Find0
Got a Good Thing Goin'0
Head Rag0
Highway Is Like a Woman0
Honey Hush0
Hooked on You0
Hot 'N Cold0
I Ain't Drunk1
I Ain’t Drunk0
I Got a Problem0
I Need You So0
I'm Beginning to Wonder0
I've Got a Mind to Travel0
Ice Pick [Instrumental]0
If Trouble Was Money0
If You Love Me Like You Say0
Introduction [Instrumental]0
Jam It Up0
Light's Are On But Nobody's Home0
Lights Are on But Nobody's Home0
Master Charge0
Melt Down0
Mr. Collins, Mr. Collins0
Mustang Sally0
My Mind Is Trying to Leave Me0
Put The Shoe On The other Foot0
Same Old Thing0
Snatchin' It Back0
Snowed In0
Something to Remember You By [#]0
Soul Food0
Stormy Monday0
T-Bone Shuffle1
Talkin' Woman0
The Hawk0
The Highway Is Like a Woman0
The Moon Is Full0
The Things I Used to Do0
The Things That I Used to Do0
Things I Used to Do0
Things That I Used to Do0
Tired Man0
Too Many Dirty Dishes0
Too Tired0
Trash Talkin'1
Travelin' South0
When a Guitar Plays the Blues0
When the Welfare Turns Its Back on You0
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