Danny Elfman

Best known for his work in collaboration with director Tim Burton, composer Danny Elfman created one of the most distinctive bodies of work in contemporary film music, bringing his talents to a dark fantasy world populated ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Family United0
According to Plan0
After Midnight0
Alice Returns0
Alice's Theme0
Ana and Christian0
Augustus Gloop3
Ball and Socket Lounge Music 10
Ball and Socket Lounge Music 20
Barkis's Bummer0
Big Fish (Titles)0
Casting a Spell0
Charlie Declines0
Charlie's Birthday Bar0
Chocolate Explorers0
Christmas Eve Montage0
Cool City1
Cruel World (Floops's Song)2
Dead Presidents Theme0
Did That Hurt?0
Doctor Finkelstein/In the Forest0
Doris Has Her Day0
End Credits (Beetlejuice)0
End Credits (The Corpse Bride)0
End Credits Suite (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)0
End Title (The Nightmare Before Christmas)0
End Titles (Big Fish)0
Ending (Jack and Sally)7
Enter... "The Family"/Sand Worm Planet0
Everybody Needs0
Finale (Big Fish)0
Finale (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)0
Finale (Forbidden Zone)0
Finale/Reprise (The Nightmare Before Christmas)0
First Candy0
Goob's Story0
In the Model0
In the Tub0
Into the Forest0
Into the Garden0
Irving Montage0
It Only Makes Me Laugh0
Jack and Sally Montage0
Jack's Lament8
Jack's Obsession2
Jenny's Theme0
Juno's Theme0
Kidnap The Sandy Claws6
Leaving Spectre0
Looking Glass0
Loompa Land0
Lydia Discovers?0
Lydia Strikes a Bargain...0
Main Titles (Beetlejuice)0
Main Titles (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)0
Main Titles (Corpse Bride)0
Main Titles (Spider-Man)0
Making Christmas1
Meeting the Robinsons0
Mike Teavee3
Moon Dance0
Oogie Boogie's Song2
Poor Jack4
Pop Quiz and the Time Machine Montage0
Remains of the Day7
Return to Spectre0
Roxie's Suite0
Sally's Song17
Sandra's Farewell0
Sandra's Theme0
Seeing Red0
Setting Things Right0
Shoe Stealing0
Story of Time0
Sucker for Mystery0
Tears To Shed10
The Aftermath0
The Batman Theme0
The Boat Arrives0
The Book!/Obituaries0
The Evil Plan0
The Final Confrontation0
The Finale (Batman Returns)0
The Finale (The Corpse Bride)0
The Flier/Lydia's Pep Talk0
The Fly0
The Golden Ticket/Factory0
The Growing Montage0
The Incantation0
The Indian Palace0
The Journey Home0
The Little Things12
The Party Arrives0
The Piano Duet0
The Prologue0
The River Cruise0
The River Cruise, Pt. 20
The Science Fair0
The Wedding0
The Wedding Song0
The White Queen0
This Is Halloween18
To the Future!0
To the Rescue0
Tough as Nails0
Town Meeting Song0
Travel Music0
Trouble Suite0
Twice the Love (Siamese Twins Song)0
Up and Out0
Veruca Salt1
Victor's Deception0
Victor's Piano Solo0
Victor's Wedding0
Victoria's Escape0
Victoria's Wedding0
Violet Beauregarde0
Weepy Donuts0
What's This?13
Wheels in Motion0
Wonka's First Shop0
Wonka's Welcome Song3
Worms Lounge 1 (Worms in Black)0
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