The Ziggens

Known for their eccentric, goofy, humorous way of blending punk and surf rock (sometimes with a definite country influence), the Ziggens aren't a major name in the rock world but have enjoyed a small cult following since the ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
All I Want for Christmas Is You0
All the Fun That We Missed1
Asleep at the Wheel0
Big Salty Tears5
Bin Loop Baby0
Breakin' the Law0
Burpin' USA0
Call It Quits1
Can't We All Just Get a Longboard?0
Carry Your Cross0
Channel Surfin'0
Couldn't Get a Date0
Dickie Built a Halfpipe0
Dickie Ziggens0
Dinah Shore0
Domestic Violins0
Ed Gein0
End of the Summer0
Fat Charlie1
Go Wild at the Beach0
Goin' Richter0
Goober Got a Girlfriend0
Gravel Song0
Hang On0
Have a Bitchin' Summer0
Heart Attack0
Here Comes a Regular7
High School Love0
Huntington Beach0
Hyundai Monday0
I Don't Have One0
I Fought The Lawn0
I Got Me a Girlfriend0
I Hate Cars and Girls and Ice Cold Beer0
I Love a Parade0
I Took My Mom to the Prom0
I'm Eatin' to Shove My Feelings Down0
I'm Not Afraid0
I'm Tryin'0
Instant Christmas0
It's Great to Be Unemployed0
Jesus I Trust In You0
Joseph of Arimathea0
Junipero Serra0
Just the Way You Aren't4
Kickin' with Perry0
Memphis, Tennessee0
Molly's Lips (Vaselines cover)0
Mrs. Brown0
My Paycheck Bounced0
On & On0
On the Way1
Orange County0
Paddle Out (Sublime cover)0
Paper or Plastic0
Pistol Pete2
Pizza by the Slice0
Pony Up0
Psychiatric Evaluation0
Real Presents0
Really Bad Sunburn0
Ride the Wild Surf0
San Clemente0
Sea Kelp0
Sober Up0
Something About a Waitress0
Stranded on Clicker Island0
Strange Way to Live0
Surf's Up0
Surfin Buena Park0
Surfin', You Say?0
Tent City0
That Night in Georgia0
The Cheese in Wisconsin0
The Goys Are Back In Town0
The Lottery Song0
The Man with the Pushed in Face0
The Spy Who Dubbed Me0
The Waitress Song0
Tidal Wave0
Tie One On0
Tim the Dinosaur0
Wait One Minute0
Walk the Plank0
What to Do0
When I Die0
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