The SongMeanings Team

  • Michael Schiano


    Mike is from central New Jersey. Mike grew up obsessing over music and computers. Some of Mike's fondest memories are listening to music over and over again with his mother, going to computer shows with his father and smashing his brother's "We Built This City" record in half (Mike was doing him a favor). When SM presented itself, he knew he was helping to build something special and true to his heart. Outside of SongMeanings Mike enjoys photography, being a crazy cat person and debating the upcoming zombie apocalypse with his wife.

    Mike enjoys Ben Folds, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson.
  • Brian Adams


    Brian is from a smallish town in Ohio that got way too big too fast. So its no wonder he obsesses over ensuring that SM runs efficiently and can scale out. He studied business at Ohio University, focusing on technology and communication (even if the latter was really used while out at the local bars). When Brian isn't working on SM, you can find him working on cars and getting grease under his fingernails in the garage, or spending time with his family and passing along his love of automobiles, technology and music to his son and daughter.

    Brian enjoys Tool, Chicago and Robert Miles.
  • Dan Strafford


    Dan is from Old Bridge, New Jersey. He attended Rutgers University, where he majored in History. Most of his time at school was spent at the college radio station, WRSU, and television station, RU-TV, working both on-air and behind the scenes. He's worked in radio and television in one facet or another for over ten years. He maintains a couple of blogs, and, while also serving as SongMeanings' Director of Media. When Dan isn't working on a video, press release, or posting new lyrics to Facebook, you can typically find him staring blankly at some sporting event on television.

  • Bobby Thompson


    Bobby is from Lisbon, Ohio. He also attended Ohio University where he studied Computer Science. Unfortunately Brian and Bobby's paths did not cross while they enjoyed the small college town that is Athens. Bobby grew up around video games, IRC chat rooms, and building primitive websites. It was a natural progression to make a career out of 1s and 0s. Outside of spending his days writing code, he loves playing basketball, watching Seinfeld, and drinking craft beer.

    Bobby loves Bob Seger, The Killers and Garth Brooks.