"The Omen" as written by and Earl/dean Simmons....
(You right here shorty told you I got you
Like the way I scooped you when those fagget niggaz shot you?
I'ma hold you down and I mean that for real)
But every time you beef with a nigga I end up havin' to kill
(Ain't like that and hey forget about them 2 kids
'Bout to do a deal somethin' nice as you is)
Oh you think
(Nah I'm just playin' what's up?
I got some new bitches, I know you tryin' to fuck)
Not really
(What? I ain't your man no more?
Because a nigga, don't need a hand no more?
You know how we do, if one goes sore
You'll take the pussy and go up in the roar)
It's like now
Where you goin'
I ain't trying to take it
Fuckin' with a nigga like you, I won't make it
(It'll be what it is)
Yo, you in for the night?
I'm 'bout to take it to the crib
(You get home alright?)

[Chorus: Marilyn Manson]
The snake
The rat
The cat and the dog
How you gonna live
When you're in the fog?

I ain't fuckin' with this nigga, no more
Word to my mother
Fuck 'em, so ya know 'em for sure
Word to my brother
It's like he's gotten worse than before
Son of I wonder
What type of dirt this nigga got in store for me to get under
Then I get a call
(X, Luis just killed your cousin, underneath the projects
Don't get back, them niggas will pay, then I got you, told you I got
Yo, I got you)
I'm in a catch 22
But them niggas gotta pay
But I know he's gonna be askin' for a favor one day
But fuck it
I ain't got no choice in the matter
Them fagots killed my peep
And I want to see him splatter
(That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, we ain't on no bitch hit
And use the same gun that you killed them 2 kids with
Is that hard to live with?)
(See, you still a playa)
But what you want from me?
(I'll tell you later)


Shit is all over the news
Bomb goes off in central
What the fuck have I gotten myself into?
My mental is like
Get the fuck outta there
I'm out
(Hey, goin' somewhere?)
(What the bag for?)
Fuck it, what you want?
(Can a nigga come inside for a minute, and puff a blunt?)
Here we go again
(After what I just gave you, with you actin' like that
When you asked for that favor)
Yo, I ain't ask you for shit
(Oh yes you did, when you really needed something, and you was out,
You did

You sold me your soul, when you didn't say no
Just let a nigga go, and give me what you owe
Fuck what you think, ain't shit for free
And a motherfucker you know, can't defeat me)
Forgive me father, for I have sinned
And with your help I know, the devil won't win

[Marilyn Manson]
Here we are on our way to hell
We're gonna do it, and we do it well
This is Marilyn Manson, DMX, Ruff Ryders
(repeats and distorts til end)

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"The Omen" as written by Kasseem Dean Damon J Blackman

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    General CommentThis song is very... interesting. Really neat to listen to with all the music and stuff, but really weird and scary to actually pay full attention to the lyrics.
    twisted_fateon May 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIts very good, about how the devil takes over your actions without you knowing it...This would hacve been great for one of the End Of Days songs...the lryics or most of them anyways
    Xzenithon September 15, 2002   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionManson's repeating final verse is actually:

    "Wicked world on our way to hell.
    We know what to do, we do it well.
    Wicked world on our way to hell.
    We know what to do and we do it well."

    It's a paraphrasing of lyrics from the MM track Fundamentally Loathesome from 1998's Mechanical Animals.
    Twoonenineon July 04, 2012   Link

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