what's your name?

it's ugo-ugo

and yours?

it's lhuga

ok so ugo-ugo-kun
shall we play



ok so i'll start


to? tomato

to? togarashi (red pepper)

shika (deer)

kame (tortoise)

megane (spectacles)

nezumi (mouse)

mi? mimizu (worm)

zu? mmm...
it's ok if use su too, right? (*)
suika (watermelon)

kamome (seagull)

medaka (killifish)

ka. kamome.
oops! somebody already said that?

i did!
i did!

really? so... kaki (persimmon)

kitsune (fox)

neko (cat)

ko... koinu (puppy)
(this is so difficult)

nuri-e (colour book)

e? entotsu (chimney)

tsuki (moon)

kitsutsuki (woodpecker)

ki? kiji (pheasant)

jidosha (automobile)

ya... yari (spear)

rika (science)

kagaku (chemistry)

ku... kuri (chestnut)

risu (squirrel)

suzume (sparrow)

menko (a japanese game)

koma (horse)

ma? manmosu

su? suzume!

we already said that!

we did not!
did we?

we did too!

no we did not!

i think we did...

well then i lose

come on! su!

sukanku (skunk)

ku? kuma (bear)

ma... marimo (duckweed)

mori! (forest)

ri? no, not ri again!
ri ri... we already said
risu right?

you can pass
if you don't know

ri... i pass

it's me? ri?
ri... i can't think of anything

i know one

really? ok i pass

rito-kujira (wild whale)
and now the dream team
shuuru-kun (*)
and terebi-kun
will play
shiritori for grownups!
i will say
the first
and then
and shuuru-kun
in this order


oyamada keigo (cornelius)

cornelius? what's that?
a grownup?

a grownup. precisely.

you mean like a person?

a person yes.
this is
beside the point.
we're trying to play
some shiritori here.

ok so go.
gogo no yugure (twilight in the afternoon)

oh that's so lovely!

really lovely.

he he he.

remon tii chodai
(could i have some lemon tea?)

i gather
you are quite fond of
of lemon tea

you could say i am yes.

chodai ends with an i
ikuko-chan ga hai (ikuko-chan is...)
ikuko-chan is an
of mine.
she's very cute.

inu no mawari-san no koinu
(the puppy that belongs to
the policeman with a dog)


you don't mean
he actually has one?

he does too.

this is supposed to be a shiritori
strictly for grownups right?

this is strictly
for grownups.

ok so nu it is.
nureteru ne (it's so wet!)
this is just
a general remark.
i don't mean anything by that.
it's just... for the atmosphere.

yeah i know. the atmosphere.

it's so wet!

this is
a shiritori
strictly for grownups.

i wonder what he meant by wet!

ne kotchi e kite
(hey you come over here)
this is a shiritori
for grownups.
me too
i can also say
this sort of thing.

i'm next?
ten... don...
tabeta o-hiru
(did you have fish and chips for lunch?)

tamaru misuzu (a person's name)

i wonder if this utterance
complies with the rules of the game.
fish and chips?
for lunch?

oh i'm so sorry! it's not ta! tis ru

ru... (sings) ru ru ru ru...

singing is not allowed!

it isn't now is it.
well... ok... ruubii (ruby).

you mean
you have bought
a lot of them
of late?

it's my lucky stone.

ruby ends with
a bii.
biizu no tsuita
jaketo mo
suteki kamoshirenai!
(i wonder what a jacket
with beads
would do for me)

no! not i again!

i just said that because
this is a shiritori for grownups.

well my answer goes almost without saying.
inu no mawari-san no otona no shiritori!
(the shiritori strictly for grownups
being played by the policeman with a dog)

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