m: pizzicato five's ugo-ugo lhuga

r: hello mademoiselle

m: hello

r: how do you do

m: how do you do

r: i'm fine thank you
so... what if we tried to
pretend this is a french class
and translated all the songs
titles to french?

m: let's do it!

r: ok so... the first song is
"the night is still young"
(seven pm in tokyo)

m: you got it

r: so in french you should say...
"il est sept heures de nuit
a tokyo"

m: il est sept heures... euh..
a tokyo...

r: sept heures de nuit

m: sept heures euh..

r: that's it! "de nuit" means
"night" in english

m: mmm

r: sept heures de nuit
a tokyo

m: it means "yoru" in japanese,

r: precisely!
repeat after me...
il est sept heures de nuit
a tokyo

m: il est sept heures euh...
nuit a tokyo

r: exactly!
very good mademoiselle
okay so...
the second song's
title is...
love love show

m: love love show

r: love love show
*some* title we've got here

m: so how do you say this in
english i mean
japanese i mean
how do you say this in french?

r: this is
amour amour mon amour

m: amour amour mon amour

r: that's it!
and a good translation it is
now let's try to give it
some feeling
mon amour

m: mon amour

r: that's it.
try to think of
a godard film
mon amour mademoiselle
mon amour

m: mon amour

r: that's it very good!
ok now
the third song
is called shiritori

m: yes...

r: the french don't have
an equivalent to
our shiritori
so we'll have to stick to
the japanese word

m: shi-ri-to-ri

r: yeah...
all you have to do is
say "ri" with a french accent
and it sounds
like french...
that's what's good about

m: shiritori

r: for instance let's try to
apply the rule
say "yakitori"

m: yakitori

r: that's it
if you pronounce
yakitori that way
it sounds like
you're a french chick
ok so
what's the next song?

m: the next song
is called
do re mi

r: do re mi
so dore mi it is
ok so
shall we try to
pronounce this
with a french flair
to it?

m: ok

r: for instance "do" goes "du"

m: du

r: du re mi

m: du re mi

r: for example you
might try to
sing it
do re mi

m: du re mi

r: du re mi

m: du re mi

r: du re mi

m: do re mi

r: that's it
ok so
the fourth
what's the fourth
it is...

m: the next song is... mmm...
me japanese boy

r: me japanese boy
yes it's
me japanese boy
this in french
would be something like
moi garcon japonais

m: moi garcon japonais

r: that's it!
in french
there's a special way women talk
in french
women go like
really cute

m: moi

r: exactly!
the mouth a little up
wa! wa!

m: moi

r: you got it!
moi garcon...

m: moi garcon...

r: there you go!
garcon like in
comme des garcons
moi garcon japonais

m: moi garcon japonais

r: mademoiselle!
that was tres bien
such a good student

m: thank you very much

r: i mean it!
ok let's see the last song
the last song
what's it called?

m: let's be adult

r: classy title!
and in french you say
sois sage (behave, act your age)

m: sois sage

r: sois sage

m: sois sage

r: soyez sage

m: sois sage

r: soyez, soyez
soyez sage
let's be adult
sois sage
let's be adult
this is
a french imperative
get adult
become an adult
that's the meaning

m: i see

r: mademoiselle nomiya
are you an adult?

m: i suppose i am

r: yeah me too
so what do you think
about later...

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