Chomping and splicing, your gums sliced to shreds
Tattered bloody ribbons, incisored skin is shred
Scraping on sore teeth, cracking and chipping
Shredding and mincing raw nerve endings

Salivating - sanguis, phlegm, froth and foam
Masticating - your mandible stripped to the bone

Mangling your tongue, bloody torn and dripping
The swollen savage muscle frayed and blistering
Your vocal chords severed, your lips are mutilated
Masticating carved palate as your mouth is grated

Only raw gargles croak from your throat
A trickling death-rasp as you choke
A silly grin carved from ear to ear
Spurting mucus and tongue as your wind-pipe tears

Gaping and sore
The rusty razors bore
Skin hangs and seeps
Peptic ulcers bleed

Your mouth is a sea of cartilage, rabid saliva bleeds
Swallowing shredded tongue and pulverized, crunching teeth
Respirating a bolus of rusty razor blades
Asphyxiating bloody garotte, tearing your jugular vein

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Oxidised Razor Masticator song meanings
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    General CommentAha!the song i named myself after!and what a song!its a standout on Reek... and it deals with the usual Carcass subject matter.This song is ripping up somebodys mouth and throat with a razor.This and Slash Dementia are great songs because they are brutal,even for carcass.Something in Jeff seems to be set free when he talks about causing extreme damage with sharp tools.
    Razormasticatoron June 13, 2003   Link
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    General CommentWhile I prefer Carcass' later work, this is still quality and while it is essentially gore metal, to label this band as belonging to a genre which carries such a stigma (usually correctly), for being without lyrical talent and depth, seems a bit of an insult to a band who do it this well and with this much style.
    quiffpornon December 18, 2004   Link
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    General Commentlol oxidised razor masticator

    its about some cutting some guys jaw off with a rusted blade.....yum!!
    lacerateon May 11, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe way they use those "fancy" words to describe pretty normal stuff is funny, kinda parodying normal gory song titles, you know, with the 3-word pattern (just see most Dimmu Borgir songs, and even the albums). Also, I don't think it's about someone doing the slicing to someone else, it seems to me as the "You" in the lyrics is chewing the rusty razors all by himself.
    vaultdwelleron June 03, 2007   Link

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