Eaten alive
Munched into pulp
Premature necropsy
Comes closer with each gulp

Brain not fully dead
Decrepit splattered libs
Mass ensanguined spasms
Excretion now begins...

...Semi-conscious human faeces
...Semi-digested squirming pieces
...Semi-animate in excrement
...Semi-terminal constipation

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Excreted Alive song meanings
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    Song MeaningSo... Excreted Alive... Well this song, by the infamous Grindcore legends Carcass, follows a familiar path to the other tracks on the "Reek Of Putrefaction" record. That being horrendous acts of violence, torture and gore-soaked surgeries gone wrong. On ‘Excreted Alive’ we are met with the gruesome topic of cannibalism (the act of eating one's own species). It follows no particular characters. Instead we are focussing on the act itself. The song starts by describing the process of eating another human ("munched into pulp"). We then move onto a far more gruesome aspect of the song, as the body being consumed is actually still alive when the act is committed. Further more as the cannibal begins to excrete his meal the faeces are described as "semi-digested squirming pieces". Obviously the cannibal has eaten in haste and I can only imagine the look on his face as he realises to his embarrassment he's not done a very good job of digesting the poor chap. The final lyrics are simply "semi-terminal constipation". It probably serves him right however I should imagine a few digestion tablets might clear him up.
    Cleveland_Steameron November 14, 2008   Link

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