He looked late 30's, maybe mid 30's. Tall, maybe six feet. I saw him in the Guatemalan clothing place. He was thin and hungry. They sold jewelry there too, I noticed some bracelets with Sanskrit writing on them. I think the woman behind the counter looked like she was Indian, not American-Indian, Indian-Indian. She had a weird smile on her face as I walked in. I was looking at the bracelets. He said he was looking for work. He said, "I applied for work as a dishwasher over at the hotel. I'll find out tomorrow, but if they don't, there's six other places looking for dishwashers."
She's smiling at him, and I'm realizing now, hours later, she didn't know him. He says, "See ya," and leaves, and I'm still looking at stuff. She looks real nervous. She's not Indian: too light skinned, maybe- I don't know, but she didn't speak English very well. So he says, "See ya," and leaves, and I'm looking at stuff, and I'm realizing now, hours later, she didn't she didn't know him, she was just going along with him. And he obviously wasn't a customer either, 'cause he said he was looking for work. He applied fopr work as a dishwasher. They don't make a lot of money. Something was going on. He was desperate: maybe he went in there to try and sell something, but no, I think he was trying to distract her so he could, so he could maybe take something.

He was thin and hungry, and desperate; I mean, he obviously wasn't a customer, but I didn't figure it out till later, after the movie, I'm walking back, and I'm playing the movie back in my head and I'm playing the scene back in my head, in the store: he looked 30's, maybe mid 30's, maybe six feet, in the Guatemalan place, they sold bracelets with Sanskrit wrintg on them, the woman behind the counter was light-skinned, she didn't speak English very well. I should have done something, I should have realized. I should have paid attention. I should've been awake. He told her he was looking for work as a dishwasher.

I didn't really get a good look at him. He looked like a dishwasher. I believed him, but now I think he was lying. I think he took something. She seemed real nervous. I should have done something. I didn't know. Is she alright? Do you think he - did she identify him? If she's dead now, how did you get my name? I don't know any dishwashers. No, I never was in Vietnam. She definitely wasn't Vietnamese. Is she dead? Do you think he. He looked 30's. I think he stole something. Do you think he killed her?

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