"Don't Look Too Far" as written by Daniel Cavanagh, Vincent Cavanagh, John James Douglas and David John Pybus....
If I begin to feel lighter
Hold me down
And I'll be yours for evermore

God bless this mess I'm in
For it is time
To be rid of a certain sin

A cool breeze down my spine
And if I'm really here
Then I feel fine

A freelance child
You bring it all back
This world is eating me inside

Don't look too far

Missing a degree of warmth
A name without a face
I'm losing grip all the same

I sever the line that divides
I sever the feelings inside
I sever between you and me

And I want to learn to fly
Bring the pain right back again
Is this all there is of me

Hearts and minds, find the time
That in the end there was no
possible reason for anything

Rant & rave

In the eyes of the beholder
You've gotta face this straight on
You've gotta go head to head
If you want to understand
And begin to turn this thing around

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"Don't Look Too Far" as written by David John Pybus Daniel Cavanagh

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    Song MeaningI guess anathema is a on-the-verge-of-commiting-suicide kinda band. Anything can be felt in that state but to be able to imprison urself in that state and make a living out of it is a real sacrifice. Really anathema is the sanest of all insane bands. Other bands ,metal bands that is, just fake their way to sorrow but not anathema. My god! Think of the overrated my dying bride! They don't even know the first thing about pain. I picture them in a pool full of liquor and naked chicks trying to bullshit their way into making a new pretend album! What a joke! Anathema is the best.
    Conspicuouson May 23, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThat first verse is just....words won't describe how amazing and beautiful that is!
    A.Mon March 24, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"I sever the line that divides
    I sever the feelings inside
    I sever between you and me"

    Just reminds me of a breakup I once went through. These lines basically describe what I had to do in order to start living again.

    Love the song, love the album, love the band. Easily one of my top-five bands.
    Thorsteinnon April 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt is known that the underlying concept of this album is the loss of the Cavanagh brothers mother, so I think that this song is about dwelling in the sorrow and misery of her death. Instead of trying to feel better and work through the pain, you surrender yourself to it.

    "Don't look to far" means you refuse to think about the future and accept that things might get better one day.

    "If I begin to feel lighter
    Hold me down
    And I’ll be yours for evermore"
    God bless this mess I’m in"

    This means he is clinging onto the memory of his mother at the expense of his own life, because it is actually the easiest thing to do.

    However, when he does eventually try to move on ("I sever the line that divides ... I sever between you and I"), he immediately wants to "bring the pain right back again".

    In my view this song appears to have a connection with Parisian Moonlight, which comes from the perspective of his mother, telling him to "be free of all the pain".
    Amazonison January 16, 2009   Link

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