In a flash I'll change the universe
Or at least the world I knew
I'm so sick and tired of watching those
Who say and never do
You're right

And this waiting seems to last for hours
As I wait impatiently
And it's hard to find the strength inside
To be who I should be
You're right

Why should I believe the words
You're telling me are true?
It doesn't seem like anybody feels the way I do

I'm not too proud to say when I was wrong
Everyone hates a know-it-all

So I thought I'd change the universe
And the world I thought I knew
But it seems that change is relative
To what we believe is true
You're right

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Everyone Hates A Know-it-all song meanings
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    General CommentI understand this song .. this is a great song ...
    NIKKIEon September 18, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis is my absolute favorite song by anyone. I swear i could have written it myself because i know exactly how trevor keith feels. Its the type of song where you could only truely enjoy it if you know what it means. I cant believe there arent many people who have posted on this band. They are truely awesome.
    magicdirton March 10, 2003   Link
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    My InterpretationIt's only the truth if you believe it...

    Many criticized F2F and TREVER for the dramatic change in sound on Ignorance is Bliss. I was taken by surprise myself at first, expecting that energetic yet melodic F2F sound, but as the songs revealed themselves to me I recognized the energy, albeit transformed as Trever lay down the most powerfully convicted and emotional vocal track (on what I would come to know as "Everyone Hates a Know it All") listening intently I was suddenly emotionally?/spiritually? overwhelmed by the depth and complexity of what was being conveyed. For the few individuals that really do understand this song, and the greatness of what it really means.... can really empathize with Trever, sharing in the irony that for so many they are so lucky to be Blissfully Ignorant yet by that very definition they remain precluded from the equally blissful joy of primal understanding and the kinship shared by the few. The enigmatic nature of the album's title reveals itself as a true paradox, but only to those few souls whom, much like Trever, are able to open themselves up to it, touching us in ways that allow us to experience life's multiverse on a much purer, albeit grander, and far more enlightened plane of consciousness.
    mjishereon May 07, 2009   Link

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