Lepaca Kliffoth
Telna ha ilan ha hizon
Mol Sitra ahra
Olahm ha Kliffoth
Oiht Eoga Mlu
La bahm Lml Eoan oee
Oze prg basp oi
Esap M oavaanBabalon
In nia o sob zon i
Lepaca Kliffoth

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    General CommentLepaca Kliffoth means Hail the Adverse Tree. It's used in Kaballah and occultism, but I still don't have it straightened out. As for the rest of the lyrics, I can't even tell you what language it is.
    unfashionedon September 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt's referring to the "Qliphoth", as wiki states. It's probably written in enochian, but I could be wrong
    Lateralus518on October 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFor Kliffoth
    i've read somewhere that this is an opposite of Tree of Live but it's not meant to be "Tree of Dead" but the "Three of Knowledge" (is it the same tree like from genesis?)

    "Telna ha ilan ha hizon" it think that "telna" is female from midland, "ilan" is a hebrew name, but I have no idea what "hizon" could be.

    Sitra Ahra is the dark energy coming from God itself (becouse of necceseary equilibrium of evil and good, and therefore this religion (kabbalistic jewish? Not sure) have no Satan-like creature, they have this dark energy from God)

    "Olahm ha" sounds like uzbekistan words for "world" and "yes" ... :D
    but I rather think this is refference to Judaistic ritual. It's first mention in story of Noah, it's offer to burn some animal as a sacrifice. Does it mean to burn Kliffoth? Or make sacrifice "for" kliffoth?

    Oiht Eoga Mlu well, here I'm just guessing by a similarity with europian languages, but it seems like "to take a risk" or "to face the danger" or somthing like that

    well... for the rest
    I have no focken idea what could it mean.
    But i feel it's about some wierd therion-version of the event, when God is telling to Adam and Eva to get out of the Eden (becouse they found Kliffoth, so his evil energy sends them for eternal danger? )
    dmkon June 24, 2015   Link

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