The tenth he made the kill
As I payed the bill
He was a demon I "hired"
He brought me blood so red
Brought me the dead
My enemy sacrificed

Fools dies - I manipulate your tragic fate
Some cries - I celebrate the darkness Eve

Look out number two
What will be done to you
We don't want want you to die
We take you piece by piece
Create you enemies
Your small empire has fallen

Feel pain - scream out in vain, forge your own chain
I've gained - I love your pain, I love your pain

He'll teach you not to play around with hell
He'll show you what it's like
I bet you understand things better now
But it's too late to hide

He enslaved your life
With your own knife
And rediculed your pride
Fade till you are gone
Into oblivion
Beyond the solid walls

Suffer - degrated pride and locked inside
Weak mind - nowhere to hide, try suicide

GORARA, I hail you
Your work is so beautyful
You are a true artist
I hail you once more!

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    Song MeaningThis is a very very weird and cryptic lyric, according to my understanding.
    I've traveled over all the internet searching for an alternative analysis trying to find a similar interpretation like mine.
    These are my thoughts about it:
    This album was released in 1995, and recorded in 1994. This song was not seen before in another released work of Therion.
    Johnsson told around an enemy, who was sacrificed ( assassinated ) , it seemed, by secret dark forces which were involved through him. A kind of revenge sorcery.
    This enemy had an empire ( a small empire ) which was failed like a collapse of a house of cards.
    Details around the killing are more interesting, for the eyes of a good observer.
    The enemy died under blood red, under a tragic fate, he screamed out in pain ( and it was in vain ), he was enslaved with his own knife, this person died by a knife, his pride was ridiculed, his friends cried, and then he was forgotten.
    Who is this enemy ? victim of a bloody killing ?
    It seems apparently the crime was "unresolved", maybe a metaphorical person, entity, soul or demon... but this is very suspective.
    Two details in the song seem to clear the mistery:
    "look out number two what will be done to you", and most clear unambiguous sentence "The tenth he made the kill"....
    Christofer Johnsson was clearly talking about the events around the norwegian inner circle, the killing of Euronymous ( Øystein Aarseth ) by Greven Grishnackh ( Varg Vikernes ), events that happened the last year before this song was composed.
    So, with irony, Johnsson recognized has been concerned about this inner circle and their actions, everyone can remember the girl who nailed a death-threat on his parents house, on behalf of the norwegian inner circle.
    The norwegian inner circle, has posted in many publications the hatred and contempt for Johnsson's "death metal music" and certainly he was on the target of this critics.
    Strangely Johnsson moved from raw old school death metal to symphonic black metal, and joined Dragon Rouge during that time. It seems that he began to praise occult beings and gods ( Lilith, Baal, Baphomet ) as a daily practice, and his dear enemies ( norwegian inner circle ) were reminded in his prayings...
    I think this song is very revelatory of his deep thoughts and feelings...
    For him, it seems, all the mess around the killing was product of his sorcery invocations, and the events happened just he wanted it. Varg Vikernes was conducted by occultist forces beyond his comprehension and acted so brutally by the influece of a demon.
    Euronymous was humilliated in that way, as a result of rewarding rites made by Johnsson from long distance in Sweden.
    "I've gained, I love your pain.. He'll teach you not to play with hell, He'll show you what it's like..I bet you understand things better now, but it's too late to hide "... these phrases full of irony, are a kind of teaching, a teaching that Euronymous involved with the occult, and you can not play with satan, and may finished dead anyway. Also this reflects the scorn and maybe some envy that Johnsson had around him ( Euronymous )

    I don't know if another listeners and fans of Therion could conclude the same things than me.
    For me this lyric is historical and symbolic but it has strong roots in the events in Norway.
    Finally it's very difficult to determine who is GORARA.
    Probably a demon, a qliphotic entity, a messenger of death.
    Gorara is not mentioned in any demonology book.
    May this name was an acronym of hidden secret agents involved in the killing ?
    within the norwegian and finish scene ? Abruptum and Impaled Nazarene mentioned similar names in their enochian cryptic messages on the forgotten demos.
    Who knows ?
    DERSCHWARTZPROPHETon September 07, 2016   Link

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