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The anger you feel when dealing with enemies
The most, the most effective way to handle it
Is to just stand up, take a deep breath,
And say Fuck Dem

Ha ha, hell yeah, ah shit, I feel dat shit
This is Shaggy back in this motha fucka, Shaggay
With Violent J and Marz, ha ha
And we just tryin to say two little motha fuckin things
What's dat, FUCK DEM

Tick tick tock, Riddle Box
Fuck MTV and all radio jocks
Look at me, my hideous ugly fake maker
Eyeballs ? drip down your cheeks
Leave you lifeless snatch your soul
Add your face to my totem pole
Fuck your radio friendly bucks
I won't change my wicked shit for you pussy fucks
Fuck your company
Fuck your marketing strategy
You can't pinpoint my record sales
Juggalos ain't watchin your TRL
Fuck KROK y'all need to quit
Takin pay off spinnin that weak ass shit
We underground to the very end
And anybody that's rollin with us say Fuck Dem

Say Fuuuck, FUUUUCK
Let me hear you say Deeem, DEEEM
Fuuuck, FUUUCK
Deeem, DEEEM
Let me hear you say Fuuuck, FUUUCK
Deeem, DEEEM
Fuuuck, FUUUCK
Deeem, DEEEM

Who it is it is M-A-R-Z
Takin care of Beieiz
And I might be flippin in your Biaiach
Don't get mad bro, see cuz that's just the way I is
Try to hold me back
I'm like a gorilla on crack
King Kong on ruckus speed
LSD and 10 hits of ecstasy
Whatever they think don't mean shit to me
Imma get you open from the police to the priest
To the schools to the crackas
In they white sheets
But the judge tryin to past judgement on me
Been a jealous motha fucka
Tryin to hate on me
I'm God and the Devil come and fuck with me
I have your whole head rearranged drastically
All them non believers that prayed Id never amount to shit
Suck my dick

Say Fuuuck, FUUUUCK
C'mon Deeem, DEEEM
Fuuuck, FUUUCK
Deeem, DEEEM
Say Fuuuck, FUUUCK
Deeem, DEEEM
Everybody say Fuuuck, FUUUCK
C'mon c'mon Deeem, DEEEM

Insane Clown Posse and Marz
With Mike E. and Mike P. on the motha fuckin boards
Hey yo Shaggy bring it too us

Get the fuck up off my back
J, Shaggy, Marz doin big head, bitch slap
Pick your teeth up off the floor
And don't come back no more, FUCK OUT THE DOOR
Shut the fuck up, close your lips
You don't have a clue, what you talkin bout BITCH
See the circus and your mouth start to run
Marz, ICP, and Juggalos say FUCK DEM

Say Fuuuck, FUUUUCK
Deeem, c'mon DEEEM
Fuuuck, FUUUCK
C'mon Deeem, DEEEM
Everybody Fuuuck, FUUUCK
Deeem, DEEEM
Fuuuck, FUUUCK
Deeem, DEEEM

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