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Verse 1:
My attitude is timeless
I'ma ride this
Fuckin' life, till my breath's gone
Plus or minus, who the livest
Uncontrived it's
Blindin', from my shine hits
Like a freight train, in your vein
While you hidin', I'm up inside it
Getting' rowdy, yellin' loudly, spittin', shoutin'
Fuckin' riot, neva silent
Neva hidin', neva bowin'
To nobody, I let it out
Let it fuckin' out, it's all love
Don't hold nothin' back
Yeah, I've been wrong before
But don't take nothin' back
In fact a million non-believers couldn't hold me back
Contact, worldwide ain't no turning back

Strength is internal, eternal
Everlastin', blastin', thru the struggle
I ain't askin' for shit I'ma take it
Make it to the other side if I die
Fuck it, I ain't fakin'

Step aside out of line, runnin' wild, frame of mind
I'ma glide to the top non-stop till I get mine
2x - Get it, get it right
No, I ain't gonna stop

Verse 2:
My destination is eternal
Then the blindness of my mind, it's fuckin' timeless
What I want shit, what I need is
Something violent
To relieve this fuckin' silence
Why you cryin', what you hidin'
You scared of dyin', scared of tryin'
You lyin'
I'm stressed from the well dressed
Falseness of empty chests
SAll the rest thinkin', diamonds fill emptiness
Get treasure chests filled with gold
You're still a fuckin' mess
I'll lift your front like a ladies' dress
Make you jump, like some ladies' pet
It's soul food in the nude
Yes, I'm rude, but it's true
Hot blooded, with tattoos in the mood
For a feud, what'cha gone do



Mid Rap:
No gangsta, just gorilla
I focus, then explode like nitroglycerin
Blowin' out your extra medium predicament
Right on, ain't no coincidence
I'm spittin' these lyrics, is you listenin'
Don't play with my emotions
It'll be unforgettable what you'll end up gettin' bro
I carry on nostrils all flared up
Radiate, illuminate, the human race
Authentic, true original nation
Rebellious in nature
Listen this breath occupies inspiration
Free from mass deception, my goal is unity
So I'm mixin' and blendin', check the stride
My soul is impulsive, shameless
But it ain't nameless
Go on, say it


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