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Verse 1:
I'ma tiger like gorilla, For rilla I feela
It's all love, let me spit you what the deala
Divine bizarre how they keepin' you in line
Distortin' your mind, aborting your mind
But I'ma get mine if I hafta plug away
Every day till my balls turn gray, I shine on
Blacker than God, is what they say
Futuristic why they all yesterday
They best to stay they distance from the raw dog
One love, shine on, magic mutha fucka
Came to bring it on
Dirty, dirty, how I like it
Do what I want, what you don't like it

I do what I want, talk how I want
Walk how I want, fuck who I want

If you wanna fly, don't ever hold it back
And if you wanna spread love, willing to die for that
From your chest cause it's true like that
Aha, aha, yeah it be like that

Verse 2:
I be keepin' my peak like a soul rida
Gimmie gimmie what, gimmie room I'ma make it boom
Fuck a job, fuck school, rolla new tribe
Universal, fearless, couldn't care less
All day, every day, I'ma keep stompin', pluggin' what the truth say
Raw grip bumpin', ready ready said the confrontation comin'
All live I'ma get lifted all right
Feelin' all sinless all day, all night, right, right
Can you feel it right, bump bump blowin' out your mind
You gone be all right
Mama said I'm trippin' on some mushrooms, bust wombs, Marz
Comin' thru bustin' nutz like a typhoon
Dirty, dirty, how I like it
Do what I want, what you don't like it



Verse 3:
A little bit rude, a little violent, what'cha gone do about it
Rowdy, get up on it, atomic supersonic, a neurotic
Sin ain't nothin' but a word, what you heard about it
Street love vibe, beat love vibe, felling wide open
We gone let it, let it ride, shuck and jive, put me on
Mama san, papa san, steady trippin' bout they son
Screamin', cussin', bring it on, bring it on
I like my bitches crazy, cuz they fuck better, cuz they suck better
I'm all in fuck or fight, in the middle of the night I carry on
Like everything's gonna be all right, ain't nothin' wrong
Keep on keepin' on, blazin', amazin'
All that plus a sack a nutz and a ball bat
Dirty, dirty, how I like it
Do what I want, what you don't like it



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