never felt like this 'til I went out west and met the guys in Bim
I smoked some of that wicked Vinnie's hooch now I forget where I live
There's a silly little man with a bad haircut
Blabbin on about a Ska Parade
He tells me that I cuss too much
I wish he'd go away

I don't care about jack shit
I just wanna pick my nose
Maybe drool upon myself
Cuz that's the way it goes

We didn't take no petrified rocks and we aint got no fruit flies
Our van is void of Mexicans believe me I would not lie
Sang with the Skeletones at the Belly-up, Hepcat in L.A.
Got wacked in the knee by a blind trombone, he apologized so it's okay

I don't care about jack shit
I just wanna pick my nose
Maybe drool upon myself
Cuz that's the way it goes

When the sun too bright put on my blue blockers
Put cream in your coffee like a pair of squirting knockers
I'm a real hot dog I'm a Hebrew National
I can freak you out, watch you get irrational
Love the Col. sanders, I'm a barnyard pimp
Cut your head all up with the drummer's boom bip
Gimmie two bisquits, want my chicken, extra crispy
Hes a trout, or a fiend, but to Harvey, hes the Quispy
Capcom bowling, watch me rolla perfect score
Dealin with the day job, like Data has his Lore
Corn fed, Mountian bred, I love the women of Kentucky
While I'm dissin all the Herbs, free lunch at the Stuckey's
I'm fillin up my platter, my plate, I'll eat like Dylan
Then fart like Krone, he's the flatulence villian
Why do I talk so fast its because I'm buggin out
If I needed more money hafta get a paper route
It's because I'ma jonesin for a taste of the Hooch
The kind bud from the vin greener than a dead pooch
Or a poodle, a doodle, spitmeup a double dribble
On my lap, LSAT never evr get the clap
A chia-pet pipe, red stink fuzzy ripe
From the bald headed man from Boston with the bone
And the 'erb-get so high- and theres nobody home
Grunt like a caveman from a joint filled bong
Gettin primitive like the way of the pong
I want the hooch, the hooch, "four on the floor chooch"
Make the schmuddy bhuddy, with the higglypiggly mix
Mean man on the tempest, and the centipede and qix
I want the hooch, the hooch, love the vinnies hooch
I want the hooch give-me-the-hooch
I want the hooch

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