"Elastic" as written by and M�rten/haake Hagstr�m....
Assembled from dead incompatible pieces; Livid fragments regenerated.
Decomposing bits of organic matter, brought to life, revived.
A fluid, limbless, sickening shape, a faltering semi-floating cluster.
Its sole purpose of creation; To burst the imagination blood surge.

Defying the mould of human flesh. Smashing the wall of beliefs.
A sight to bring insanity to all dimensional reality.

Carved from thoughts unthought into a graphic, visible delusion of life.
A twisted display of dehumanized features, by cells reflected, refracted.
A frantic dancing of particles, in pathetic attempt at rendering flesh;
Swirling to project the illusion of shape, form, dimension and mass.

(Eyes not made for watching. Thousand watt obsidian bulbs;
Reflective, obversed. The only view is the barren self)

A walking translucent entity. Void, suspended. Inviolate by rules, all standards of existence.
An electrified vapor-cloud. A skein of bone and tissue.
An atrocity, a liquid form unshaped to the organic norm.

A mind not filled with thoughts, but a random flickering static.
A soulless creature un-alive; I'm the un-human elastic.

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"Elastic" as written by Marten Hagstroem Maarten Hagstroem

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    General CommentWHat is the difference between insanity and imagination? This is one of Meshuggah's deepest songs imho.

    I think there is dellusion expressed in this song. To defend the word dellusion is, didn't we think Einstein and others as insane while we laughed, scoffed at their ideas or thinking?

    The other part of this song sounds like a psycho. Thousand Watt obsidian bulbs... no view but the barren self. A mind not filled with thoughts but a random flickering static, to me it means, it means something personal as in the sense that this may be part of me who is traumatized or sociopathic, like how a cop gets after becoming jaded.

    The conclusion is that psychopathy (Sociopathy) is a beneficial trait to stand up against the world and the dellusional insanity as I call it come together to put together a "genius" state of mind that can overcome the world. Of course the dumbest person can have brilliant ideas, and applaud this dellusion of my own.

    This song is strengthening.
    PopeyeDoyleon January 19, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think at the end that's all the songs on the album being played at once. That's what it sounds like to me at least.
    ProgPirateon April 03, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"ProgPirate" is right; Using a bit of selective listening you can hear parts from every song (at the end). It's just every previous track layered on top of eachother for the last 5 minutes or so. What an awesome idea haha
    BNeton January 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think what the lyrics are describing is all that's left when you take away everything that makes a human human. The mind, emotions, soul, thoughts...
    MerlinLeonon January 30, 2018   Link
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    My InterpretationIn my opinion, this song is one of the best endings to an album. There's only a few interpretations that touch base on this album and Meshuggah's...insanity.
    The term "elastic" refers to the ability for an object to resume it's original shape after being stretched/distorted.
    The whole song seems to portray a walk into insanity and one's loss of mental stability from a foreign entity of their own creation, or undoing. Assembling dead, fragmented, and incompatible pieces to create newly regenerated life in attempt at understanding, resulted in a semi-cluster of floating, faltering thought. Inadvertently, thoughts become unthought as they are reflected/refracted upon themselves, through life and the organic normal. The view remains only through the side of the barren self, translucent from others while being reflected upon itself, visualized through light. A new entity void and inviolate of all existential standards ensues, personified by a liquid vapor cloud of thought above the barren self. The new entity swirls itself into it's own projection of life, removing the thoughts in the mind of the barren self and replacing it with static. By all standards of existence, the barren self has been undone.
    The song progresses in what I refer to as four states:
    State one refers to the lyrics. It's worth noting Jen's aggression when singing, and how it builds up to almost complete insanity by the end of the first state. Even the instrumentals create a bone chilling atmospheric effect.
    State two refers to what I call the descent. It resembles a descent into an unconscious state, progressing further towards a mental degradation plummet into hell.
    State three refers to the static.
    State four refers to the awakening. The whole album plays all at once in recollection, and the song ends.
    It seems Meshuggah emphasized heavily on pulling their concepts of each song together. From the listener's perspective, and perhaps the band's perspective, after listening to the whole album: Insanity ensues after each song comes together, forming a floating cluster of thought that is void of organic and social norms in attempts at understanding and projecting the illusion of what we call life. The light from the side of the barren self is the only thing reflecting back after listening, reflected by thousand watt obsidian bulbs. We become translucent foreign entities of our barren self because of this forming cluster of thought. The static is all we hear after descending into the pit of insanity, undone by our own doing from listening until we recollect as one from a sporadic mental overloading flashback.
    There's thousands of interpretations; the mind is elastic. Regardless, I still consider it to be one of Meshuggah's heaviest songs, and one of my favorite albums of all time.
    Whopperon February 18, 2018   Link
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    General CommentMan, that warble tone near the end reminds me of what I was hearing when I was under laughing gas...
    str1ngcheeseon June 15, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGood god that last part after the 5 minutes of static is manic.
    Crujebsulon December 01, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI always just assumed this song was about how organisms are created from dead material and that, in itself, was the brutality of the lyrical part of the song. We are only alive because something else died. We are elastic because of this, able to be altered and created because of dead things. It is Meshuggah though so there is obviously a metaphorical part to the lyrics. I think the metaphorical part could possibly be about breaking free from society and in a sense that goes along with insanity.. although it seems like the speaker is a silent drone, another part of society, "a mind not filled with thoughts, but a random flickering static. A soulless creature un-alive; I'm the un-human elastic." So in other words someone that doesn't think for his/herself and is controlled by what they see on T.V., hear on the radio, etc. etc.
    Death Igniteron February 02, 2012   Link

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