"Take Me To Your Leader" as written by Steve Taylor, Steve Taylor and Peter Furler....
Isabelle is a belly dancer
With a kleptomaniac's restraint
Tried stealing Helena's hand basket, made a fast getaway,
But McQueen she ain't
At the courtroom Joshua judges her ruthlessly
On account of Ruth walking out on him
In the Big House Isabelle is a-telling all
To the chaplin who's become her friend

She says,
I don't know why you care
I don't know what's up there
I don't know where or how
Just take me to your leader now
Take me to your leader now

Justin is adustin' to
The odor from Theodore's Evergreen Incense
But aroma therapy don't make him any younger
Than Oliver's All Liver Supplements
His late mate Marrilee merrily said immortality
Can't be bought in a jar
This just in: Justin's had enough of cure-alls,
Gonna quiz the neighbor kid with the
Fish on his car

He says,
I don't know why you care
I don't know what's up there
I don't know how it's done
Just take me to your leader, son

I see you've got the joy
I've seen you live it, boy

It's real, it's free, it's fun,
So take me to your leader, son
Take me to your leader, son

They don't know why we care
They don't know what's out there
They don't know how it's done
Let's take 'em to our Leader's Son

They see we've got they joy
They see us live it, oi
It's real, it's free, it's fun,
Let's take 'em to our Leader's Son

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"Take Me To Your Leader" as written by

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    Song MeaningThe first verse talks about a belly dancer named Isabelle who has a problem with stealing (with a kleptomaniac's restraint) so she stole Helena's handbasket but wasn't fast enough to run away because she wasn't as fast as McQueen i.e. Steve McQueen the "bad guy" in old 50s-80s movies. In court, Joshua judged her ruthlessly because his wife Ruth walked out on him and he took out his anger on Isabelle. Afterwards, in prison (the Big House), Isabelle becomes friends with the chaplain and talks to her about all her problems.

    The chorus is about Isabelle admitting she doesn't know why everything is happening the way it is happening but in her moment of desperation, she's to be taken to "your leader," i.e. God.

    The second verse talks about Justin who is trying aroma therapy and nutritional supplements to make himself younger and live longer. Obviously he must be very old, especially since the song mentions his wife Merrilee passed away (late mate). She told Justin that "immortality can't be bought in a jar" i.e. you can't find get younger by taking any pills or substances people make. Justin, fed up with finding happiness in "home remedies," decides to talk to his neighbor who is a Christian (kid with the fish on his car). Here we see an old man looking for answers from the youth and in the following chorus, asks the kid to explain God to him, "so take me to your leader, son."
    thepersonwithoutcon June 24, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationThis is a pretty punny song:

    Isabelle is a belly dancer = Isabelle:Is-A-Belle:is-a-belly

    Helena's hand basket = Hell In A Handbasket

    Joshua judges her ruthlessly = Joshua, Judges, Ruth are consecutively in order in the bible

    Joshua judges her ruthlessly on account of Ruth walking out on him = The Joshua in the song judged without Ruth (as in, Ruth-less) because Ruth left (walked out on him).

    Isabelle is a-telling = Isabelle:Is-A-Belle:is-a-telling

    Justin is adjustin = Justin:ad-JUSTIN

    Odor from Theodore = ODOR:The-ODOR-e

    Oliver's All Liver Supplements = Oliver:All-Liver

    Merrilee merrily = Merrilee:merrily

    this just in: Justin's = just in:Just-in's
    thepersonwithoutcon June 23, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis is a song about teaching people about Christ. they see Christians and wonder what is that joy in their life and so they ask "Take Me to Your Leader". Get it? Yeah...
    Good song. I've liked this one since it came out. Funny song with a good message! I give a thumbs up!
    Aftermathon May 13, 2003   Link
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    General Commenthey y'all!! im 13 and in grade 8 and stuff :):):)...lol, i love this song! it's the song i was listening to when i got pregnant with my daughter....
    jane007on March 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAftermath, you are very right in saying so. I also notice how it later says "lets take em to our leader son", so its saying ok we would like to do that. I like how the verses and chorus differ and kinda sound like different songs, since they are differenr genres. This should be a good CD, i bought it off ebay!
    Matthew15on November 25, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti think it is a good song as well. I remember when it was sung by d.c talk. I didn't understand the words at all! untill now. It is a GREAT song...
    suvyon February 26, 2008   Link

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