Darkness - swallowing all in its path
The blind leading the blind and the "flock" is ever confused
Who has the gift of healthy sight and mind?
Who can withstand while the others are blown away?

Eyes to see......what the others see not
Ears to hear.....the voice of the elders guides
Eyes to see......and the blind; they wither away
You fools! These eyes are never for you

Darkness - corrupting all in its path
Greed leading the man to blindness, suffering
And ever foretold....the meek shall have this earth
Alas without sight they will only be left with demise

Worlds apart are they and I
My world remains in sight
Their lives - despair
The "I's" and "They's" cannot compare

Lyrics submitted by Psychedeliasmith

Eyes to See... Ears to Hear song meanings
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    General CommentThis one seems to be about being able to see through all the lies of religion and greed, seeing what really is. And wondering why all the 'sheep' can't see.
    Ad_Nauseamon April 04, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song isnt about religion its about not living in the literal sense. We have to look at things in life for deeper menaings, if we just live on the surface we are no different than animals. humans have the ability to be rational and that is what makes us different than from the animals. we have the abilty to see through the literal sense of things. the phrase you should throw stones if you live in a glass house doesnt mean what it literally states. David Vincent is a very smart individual and he is into the philosophy of Nietzsche. The song might sound like its bashing religion but it is really about opening up your mind and becoming spiritual not in the christian sense but having a higher level of thinking than just what we see and sense on earth. Life sucks if you dont use ur mind, if you open up your soul you can really enjoy life and feel enlightened instead of living in darkness like a fool.
    aztheformaton September 26, 2008   Link
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    General Comment*shouldn't throw stones
    aztheformaton September 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentFrom reading the words without any input from band members themselves, my guess would be that this one is about people who have bad lives but blindly believe that they will inherit the earth one day because that's what religion tells them. They merely follow and fail to use their own "eyes and ears." However, at around the twenty-three minute mark in this clip: youtube.com/… David says that it's about people who blindly follow messages that they receive from television. However, I don't think that his statement automatically discounts the religious possibility. It could be both both religion AND television-i.e. people's devotion to evangelists.
    ScreenNameNeededon July 09, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThe concept of these lyrics are reminiscent to that of the black lodge mythology in twin peaks and fire walk with me. Only the gifted/damned have the eyes to see the true face of BOB, who is the darkness corrupting all in its path. Cooper had the gift of health sight and mind, while the rest of the flock was confused he saw through visions and dreams what MIKE (the dwarf) showed him, but in the end Cooper was separated from the flock with his soul remaining trapped forever in the black lodge, (worlds apart) left to demise with nothing but despair.
    dalecooperon August 30, 2012   Link

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