You kids are the bravest
And I'll admit I doubted this enterprise
how was I wrong

Now that I have your attention
and evening kisses have the power to bring out the truth
Both close your eyes
Imagine you're standing still
Not surrounded by family and friends and pillars of salt
I hope that you've learned to ignore, detractors that cling to you
They're just nervous and don't want you to fail

But remember, a parent's advice will never be as good as (take the place of) experience
Go now live life for the first time
But don't forget to make promises about sickness and health / for richer and poorer everyday

You may not be a man yet
You may not be a woman yet
But you're smart/strong enough to know it's not the 1700s
And you can lock and open doors together

Honeymoon drive
a car so full of amazement it's amazing the wheels can roll on
We all know that it's dry out west
Nervous palms make the air wet
So do the kisses
Sweet words exchanged each passing mile
Memories made each passing line, may last forever

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    General Commentthis song is about a couple and everyone said it wouldn't work when they got together, but they stuck with it and it worked. and he's saying that even if it woudln't have worked, they need to experience it for themselves
    "But remember, a parent's advice will never be as good as (take the place of) experience
    Go now live life for the first time"
    the line about the 1700s and locking and opening doors... i think is about sex. i may be wrong. the 1700's was a very sexually repressed time, i.e. no sex before marriage etc, and locking and opening doors... imagine a key.. and a lock.. you get the idea. just a guess
    deliriumtriggeron June 11, 2002   Link
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    General Commenthmm, after thinking about it think the lock and open doors line is more about being able to control your own life and where you're going in it.
    deliriumtriggeron July 30, 2002   Link
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    General CommentWell, you guys are close. The song is about two friends of mine who got married very young (he was just out of high school). I wrote and performed this at their wedding before the band really got going.

    The majority of the lyrics revolve around no one (including myself) believing that their relationship - not to mention, marriage - would last. They moved West to Phoenix, where they still live today.

    The "1700s" line is a direct reference to the groom's traditional southern baptist parents who didn't want to allow the bride to lift a finger when they were moving. They didn't think it proper for the woman to assert herself and frankly we all thought it was bullshit. It was just my way of telling the bride and groom that they are strong, brave kids and I was proud of them no matter what their ridiculous friends and relatives thought.

    -Nathan, ENIAC
    mailjebon March 27, 2003   Link

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