"The Way I Am" as written by and Mathers....
Dre just let it run
Ey yo turn the beat up a little bit
Ey yo this song is for anyone
Fuck it just shut up and listen

Ey yo
I sit back, with this pack, of zigzags
And this bag, of this weed
It gives me, the shit needed to be, the most meanest MC on this
On this earth 'cause since birth I've been cursed with this curse to just curse
And just blurt this berserk and bizarre shit that works
And it sells and it helps in its self to relieve
All this tension dispensing me, sentence is getting it
The stress has been eating me, recently
Off of this chest and I rest to get peacefully
But at least have the decency in you to leave me alone
When you freaks see me out in the streets
When I'm eating or feeding my daughter to not come and speak to me
I don't know you and no I don't owe you a motherfuckin' thing
I'm not Mr.'N Sync and I'm not what your friends think
I'm not Mr.Friendly, I can be a prick, if you tempt me my tank is on empty
No patience is in me and if you offend me I'm lifting you ten feet
In the air, I don't care who was there and who saw me just jaw you
Go call you a lawyer
File you a lawsuit, I'll smile in the courtroom and buy you a wardrobe
I'm tired of all you
I don't mean to be mean but it's all I can be, it's just me

And I am, whatever you say I am
If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
In the papers, the news, everyday I am
Radio won't even play my jam
'Cause I am, whatever you say I am
If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
In the papers, the news, everyday I am
I don't know it's just the way I am

Sometimes I just feel like my father, I hate to be bothered
With all of this nonsense it's constant, and "oh it's his lyrical content!"
The song "Guilty Conscience" has gotten such rotten responses
And all of this controversy circles me and it seems
Like the media immediately points a finger at me
So I point one back at 'em, but not the index or the pinky
Or the ring or the thumb, it's the one you put up when you don't give a fuck
When you won't just put up with the bullshit they pull
'Cause they full of shit too
When a dude's gettin' bullied and shoots up his school
And they blame it on Marilyn
And the heroin, where were the parents at?
And look at where it's at
Middle America, now it's a tragedy, now it's so sad to see
An upper class city having this happening
Then attack Eminem 'cause I rap this way
But I'm glad 'cause they feed me the fuel
That I need for the fire to burn and it's burnin' and I have returned

And I am, whatever you say I am
If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
In the papers, the news, everyday I am
Radio won't even play my jam
'Cause I am, whatever you say I am
If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
In the papers, the news, everyday I am
I don't know it's just the way I am

I'm so sick and tired of being admired
That I wish that I would just die or get fired
And drop from my label and stop with the fables
I'm not gonna be able to top on "My name is"
And pigeon holdin' to some poppy sensations
They cop me rotation at rock 'n' roll stations
And I just do not got the patience
To deal with these cocky Caucasians
Who think I'm some wigga who just tries to be black
'Cause I talk with an accent and grab on my balls
So they always keep asking the same fucking questions
What school did I go to, what hood I grew up in, the why, the who, what
When and where and the how, 'til I'm grabbing my hair and I'm tearing it out
You've been driving me crazy
I can't take it, I'm racing, I'm pacing, I stand and I sit
And I'm thankful for every fan that I get, but I can't take a shit
In the bathroom without someone standing by it
No I won't sign your autograph, you can call me an asshole, I'm glad

'Cause I am, whatever you say I am
If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
In the papers, the news, everyday I am
Radio won't even play my jam
'Cause I am, whatever you say I am
If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
In the papers, the news, everyday I am
I don't know it's just the way I am

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"The Way I Am" as written by Marshall Mathers

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    General Commentthis song is so powerful. i couldn't stand eminem at first, but his songs are so pure and real.
    jaxgrrlon January 26, 2002   Link
  • +3
    General CommentI am really surprised that you all missed the crucial metaphor in this song. "I am whatever you say I am" is a clear indication that he is comparing his plight to that of Jesus'. What he's saying is that he thinks he's going to be crucified for trying to change the world. The song is a brilliant metaphysical conceit and deserves recognition on that grounds alone. Finally, it is not fame that Eminem is unhappy with, but really the state of the world. If anyone tells me to go back to English class, I'll shoot them, because I am an English major. BTW. Rainbow, here's the dictionary definition of venting from Webster.. Vent vt. (transative verb) 2 -- To express; let out. Humans have been able to express things for millenia, so it is certainly a human verb. Alright, I'm done ranting. Great song. For those of you who are dead set against Eminem for being misogynistic, take a closer look at his lyrics. He is a master of irony. Irony in the literary sense that is.
    six_strung_outon October 31, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI completely agree with thisboy about this song. Eminem is the kind of rapper that can rap about just about anything but his most of his songs have a powerful meaning. My favourite part of this song is:
    "When a dude's gettin bullied and shoots up his school
    and they blame it on Marilyn (on Marilyn).. and the heroin
    Where were the parents at? And look where it's at
    Middle America, now it's a tragedy
    Now it's so sad to see, an upper class ci-ty
    havin this happenin (this happenin).."
    This, like all of his other lyrics, is one of those things that everyone knows but doesn't have the balls to sa in public. I have to tip my hat to Eminem for writing such a real and powerful song and having the balls to put it out.
    eminem_d12_fan01on March 14, 2002   Link
  • +1
    General CommentOh, and you haven't heard about venting? Well now I know why you're such a bitch....
    Phyxiuson May 02, 2002   Link
  • +1
    General CommentI am a metal head but i just love the lyrics in this song. Really deep and you can feel them. Great job man.
    Devilmanon June 02, 2002   Link
  • +1
    General CommentHoly shit most of these comments are rubbish!!!! I agree with evryone who actualy likes this song and likes this guy for what his music is. Ok im only 15 and i dont have to listen 2 any of his songs on the radio or shit to go out and buy this guys records i go out and buy the albums but no when im in the car going home i dont feel like a rebel coz iv just bought a rappers cd i feel good coz this guys an amazing artist.
    He doesnt whine on, he's simply saying can u leave me alone when im trying to do everyday stuff I dont want to sign autographs when im tryin to feed my daughter or go to the toilet. he doesnt owe his fans anythng we like him because we do.
    As for the person who said his music should be in an adult music store or "xxx" what a load of crap!!!! If you want to buy his music u go out and buy it if you dont then you dont. why should his records be seperated from others because some people cant handle a bit of every day bad language. I agree with who ever said you should get out more because you do. You need to live a real life one which involves everyday stuff. Don't live your life thinking everything in the world is all sweet because lets face it it isnt, far from it. There is drugs out there, there is people getting beaten up and killed by others there is all that shit so face it!!!! and stop girning over a few sware words!
    this guy is a role model for any white rapper out there so what let him be that he's basicaly saying yes i can be a role model but if you see me in the street doin normal stuff dont anoy me or pester me.
    he's voicing the opinions of everyother star out there who are to chicken to say it themselves, no one wants fans crouding round them all the time when they are out having a meal and yet because this man voices this you all seem to think he's whining welll think again!!!
    Final strawon August 07, 2005   Link
  • +1
    General Commentto all eminem: haters shut up! I like everything eminem did before 50 cent came and I think some of you losers try to work as hard as he did to get famous and you'll see what its' iike having ramdom people come up to you every two minutes of your life asking for autographs and bothering you every chance they get being in the lime light is not easy just try it you no talent hacks! and icp or whateva the hell you call them sucks and d12 would kick their ass anyday so stop livng in the past and move on eminem will always be bette then them
    il1989on October 09, 2008   Link
  • +1
    General Commentit's not eminem's fault he got to be so popular...some might say other bands deserve the respect he gets for being rebellious, and that is definitely true, but that doesnt mean eminem doesnt deserve it. His becoming famous is just a testament to how good he really is...
    brooks450on December 15, 2008   Link
  • +1
    General CommentOk first off, when you get into the music bis or whatever eventually there's a breaking point because the media is so damn annoying. Like for example, even Guns N Roses compares it to a jungle for their song "Welcome to the Jungle" I doubt Eminem was paid to write what he writes. I'm sure the companies think his hits are better when he vents in those ways but that's all him and what he's feeling at that time-which is the reason why he (in my opinion) is the best rapper. Not only do his words and rhthym flow well but the way he pauses and starts again in odd places (but well) is aweseome. He wanted to prove that white boys got swag. He's way past prooving now
    th3rdhal3on June 03, 2010   Link
  • 0
    General CommentThe man's got balls to put a song like this out there. People can hear it and go "That's what you get for being famous, you should have known better". But it's honest and his flows are just crazy. I've never heard anyone rap like he does on this song, the pace, the rhymes, the inflections....Eminem's the Lenny Bruce of our generation.
    thisboyon January 28, 2002   Link

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