"Cleveland" as written by and Jewel Kilcher....
Went walking underneath the shadows
Where dark and suede secrets lay
When night's knife falls gently down
Hearts helplessly fall to the ground
Underneath a velvet sky
Only words can lie

I want to tell you everything
I want to make your toes curl
You'll be my only boy
And I'll be your only girl
There's not much I can say
You're in Cleveland today
You're in Cleveland today

Stewardesses like Cosmo magazine
Vogue makes me nervous, I feel so plain
I could face the world fearlessly
If you would face it here with me
With just our four hands and four eyes
Traffic cops will compromise


Daffodils and roulette wheels and rusty automobiles
Somewhere our things share the same windowsill
Somewhere our hearts exist independent of time
Somewhere we are whole
One body, one body and one mind

From the air things look so ridiculous
Our fears so small, our fights so vain
I want to pilot a plane with you
So all our problems look small too
It's just an inch from me to you
Depending on what map you use

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"Cleveland" as written by Jewel Kilcher

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    General Commenti can't believe no one has commented on this song! in my opinion it's probably one of the best jewel songs out there. it's about distance, but the want for her and her significant other to be together. "it's just an inch from me to you, depending on what map you use." i love this song. :x
    dingyxstaron April 19, 2003   Link
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    General CommentIts also about not worrying about the future, about how things will work themselves out. "Traffic cops will compromise"
    RaiNYdaZe108on June 04, 2003   Link
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    General Commentthe line "It's just an inch from me to you
    Depending on what map you use" might refer to them being physically close, but not mentally...
    princessariel56on April 21, 2004   Link
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    General Commentprincessariel56, i had never thought about that lyric that way before! I'd always assumed the song was written while Jewel was on the road, touring, away from the person she loved, so that the lyric was a direct reference to the physical distance between them, but i really like that idea. I still think jewel meant it the other way but your interpretation gave the lyric a whole new meaning for me. Thanks!
    PureRockFuryon June 27, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti'm from cleveland.

    paintsyourmirroron February 05, 2006   Link
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    General Comment This is a great song. I think the "it's just an inch from me to you, depending on what map you use." is simply about physical distance in a relationship--its not so bad that they are seperated because they are still close emotionally. It goes with the rest of the verse: how problems look small from the perspective of above.

    Its too bad she made this into a semi-country song. In earlier versions I heard this as a folk song that I like much better. There were lots of songs that she did on Perfectly Clear that were originally folk/pop songs that she just adapted to western style by adding a twang here and there like an extra decoration. Undernieth her style was still the same. Thats why it was such a pity--not only because I'm not a Country fan but because it didn't come off as authentic. Rather it was something neither here nor there.
    troubadour13on August 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentTo me, the last verse sounds like she's in a fight with her boyfriend. They're having problems in their relationship, the emotional distance feels great, but she wants to make up with him. She wants her and her boyfriend to gain a perspective where they see the problems in their relationship as small and see the emotional closeness they share.

    "Depending on which map you use" refers to her uncertainty that he is willing to see things from the perspective she wants, willing to pilot that plane with her. He might still see their problems as huge and the distance between them great. She's reminding him he has the choice to see things differently, to see their fights as pointless and to see his fears (of commitment? of whatever they might be fighting over) as petty.
    BeautyUntamedon June 23, 2012   Link

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