I could see you coming
From miles away
I didn't want it no
No, not today
I could feel you coming
I felt so out of touch
Hangin' on so tight for life
While the bones in your hand got crushed

How come I always know
When the worst is gonna come
Sometimes it's so hard to know
When you can't change what's gonna come
How could they make you come
How could they break your hands
How come I always have to know
These things I can't stand

I loved your fragile fingers
So thin, so smooth, so long
I lose my mega-memory
How did we ever get on
I love your fragile fingers
Oh, how they used to soothe me
I need to hear your play again
To smooth my hard feeling

How come they've made you come
How come they've broken your hands
How come I always have to know
How come I never understand
I never understand

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    General Commentwoaa I cant understand that I am the first to post here.... I just think this is about love (surely what else) and prediction Mark Arm is a good songwriter, but I just want to say that the song start with the outro of Cinnamon Girl of Neil Young and it is really cool
    poocheson May 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI am not extremely familiar with them, but I think this is their most powerful song. It is incredibly unique, it hints at a huge building crescendo, then actually delivers, and rides the momentum. The neil young intro is great. I became familiar with this song in 1992 when my Dad had both his wrists in braces because of a rare degenerative condition (sort of like carpal tunnel but not fixable) and at the same time I was going through some extreme challenges with a back injury that caused me to drop out of school. I felt this song spoke for me as if to say "Dad - I am in a world of shit - I cannot find an escape from this condition, and I turn to you for help - but instead of reassurance and comfort and guidance, I see you are in a world of shit too, with your hands, and not only unable to help fix ME, but unable to fix yourself. It was a very dark period for us both. Hands are a symbol of action, of DOING, of FIXING and effecting change, of touch, and giving reassurance, but in that case in 1992 they could not steer me to safety. I forgive my Dad for not being perfect and have a very good relationship with him now - his hands and my back are better for the most part, but I still (aside from the literal interpretation of the injuries) see it as an ongoing universal parallel, wherein the child feels as though he should be able to turn to the parent always, and see that parent as a ROCK - meaning an unrelenting positive, stabilizing force that is perfect and impenetrable, but in reality, because parents are only human (meaning, flawed), at some point the child realizes that, and realizes that the parent CANNOT always be there, and has their own issues. That realization at first brings shock and fear, and disappointment, but it eventualy is accepted, the reality cannot be ignored - sometimes you just have to admit we live a world that at times has issues, flaws, and challenges, and all you can do is try your best to navigate through, and hope to build as much fun and happiness as you can while working through the all the incredibly difficult challenges.
    adzreon March 24, 2012   Link

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