"China In Your Hand" as written by Carol Ann Decker and Ronald Phillip Rogers....
It was a theme she had
On a scheme he had
Told in a foreign land
To take life on earth
To the second birth
And the man was in command
It was a flight on the wings
Of a young girl's dreams
That flew too far away
And we could make the monster live again

Oh hands move and heart beat on
Now life will return in this electric storm
A prophecy for a fantasy
The curse of a vivid mind

Don't push too far
Your dreams are china in your hand
Don't wish too hard
Because they may come true
And you can't help them
You don't know what you might
Have set upon yourself
China in your hand

Come from greed
Never born of the seed
Took a life from a barren hand
Oh eyes wide
Like a child in the form of man
A story told
A mind of his own
An omen for our time

Don't push too far
Your dreams are china in your hand
Don't wish too hard
Because they may come true
And you can't help them
You don't know what you might
Have set upon yourself
China in your hand
Oh your hand
Your dreams are china in your hand, wooah
Here in your hand
China in your hand

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"China In Your Hand" as written by Ronald Phillip Rogers Carol Ann Decker

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    General CommentThe Frankenstein comments I made are actually very true Apie. I followed T'pau religiously and Carol Decker herself has several times mentioned what China is all about.

    If you watch Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (94') you'll understand it more I guess.
    drumajoon February 16, 2005   Link
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    I agree with the Frankenstein inspiration but i still think we ought to try to translate the inspiration for the song into some form of interpretation for the song :

    Here’s what i think : (wonder what you think ?)
    The point is the potential disparity between the IDEA and the REALITY of a DREAM or DESIRE : I am talking BIG dreams/ desires: the things that we YEARN for or tell everyone we are dying for: A new life in a new country, a new job, a dream lover. There is something to be learned from knowing that an IDEA is rarely a sure guarantee of the eventual REALITY:
    Frankenstein was an IDEA to create F but the REALITY was so far from the IDEA. In the song the warning of such a disparity between IDEAS and eventual REALITIES is applied to a love relationship (as opposed to creating human life).

    So the warning is :
    you might dream or desire strongly to have this big love story (IDEA) but be careful since NOBODY ever knows anyone fully until the idea is actually tried out and you both get to know each other (REALITY). Essentially, how can you know what a relationship can be in advance !

    Unfortunately in life, we do often make this mistake, we run to love for either looks or security thinking the IDEA will make the REALITY, but after enough real life experiences, we learn that we just cannot ever know what we really want in advance, the ‘chemistry’ cannot be predicted (as in the story of Frankenstein)
    Makeitmeansomethingon March 02, 2014   Link
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    General CommentIt's about Frankenstein as mentioned above - Carol Decker said in an interview once that the inspiration for the song was watching a documentary about the author and story of Frankenstein... I had to study the novel in a Uni seminar last year and we brainstormed modern Frankenstein references, and I thought of this and nobody believed my theory, so I went away and painstakingly researched the song just to prove a point and found I was right!

    It was a theme she had [Mary Shelley the author] on a scheme he had [Doctor Frankenstein], told in a foreign land [it's set in Switzerland, England and Scotland]

    to take life on earth to the second birth, and the man was in command [create life - make a creature/man]

    it was a flight on the wings of a young girls dreams that flew too far away, and we could make the monster live again [It was Shelley's fantasy, based on the original myth of Prometheus]

    oh hands move and heart beat on - now life will return in this electric storm [it's a thunderstorm which sparks the equipment that brings Frankenstein's monster to life]

    a prophecy for a fantasy, the curse of a vivid mind [it was a fantasy and not even remotely possible to create a life at the time in which the book was written, but it turned out to be partly true, with cloning developments etc]

    don't push too far, your dreams are china in your hand; don't wish to hard because they may come true and you can't help them; you don't know what you might have set upon yourself; china in your hand [imagining or dreaming of something could lead to it happening and it might not always be good]

    come from greed, never born of the seed, took life from a barren hand [Dr Frankenstein wanted fame and recognition from his scientist peers, his 'child' wasn't conceived the usual way, and seemed to come from nothing]

    on eyes wide like a child in the form of man, a story told, a mind of his own, an omen for our time [Frankenstein 'fathers' the monster but it begins life as a grown man]

    we take a flight on the wings of fantasy, then you push too far and make your dreams reality, yeah china in your hand, but they're only dreams and you shouldn't push too far [fantasy is one thing, but we should be careful not to make it a reality as Dr Frankenstein did?]

    Not sure exactly what the moral of the story is but I have a feeling Carol Decker would be anti-GM and against cloning. Maybe it's just 'don't get carried away by dreams, they're just dreams?
    lucyb85on July 21, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti love this song..i love her voice
    blueon July 02, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIt is a fantastic song. What's it all about though?
    wennabeeon August 18, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think part of it is about Jesus coming back to earth ie being reborn "to take life on earth to the second birth"

    The other theme is sometimes you wish for something and it comes true. But it doesnt turn out as you expect and gets way out of your controll. The dream turns into a nightmare.
    Onlineon June 30, 2003   Link
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    General Commentgreat song, :-) just wanted to say that me and my friend used to buy our guitar strings off the keyboard player of t'pau.hes a cool dude:-) METAL

    and my mom used to go to school with carol decker....hey its a claim to fame:-D
    durham-redon April 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentFor me, China in your hand is about a dictatorial leader involved in a global power struggle in a dystopian futuristic world where humans have been enslaved by a totalitarian robot government. Western Europe and North America have been devastated by a 100 year conflict against the robots and the real power on the planet has shifted to the Eastern continents, where the remaining human settlements are. Already we see the possible signs of this future in our world today. In this song, T'Pau are addressing the remaining humans, urging them to fight against the "monster" of robot tyranny and start a revolutionary rebellion from China, which remains "in the hand" of human beings.
    Polidorion April 28, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI interprete it as a more general statement: Sometimes, when your dreams become reality, they just don't turn out the way you planned them to. Or maybe they do, but you didn't think enough about the consequences.
    Lykkelitenon November 08, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThis song is the song that first introduced me to real music and got me into drumming too!

    The song is actually about Frankenstein...if you read the lyrics it will all add up. Great song writing by Carol Decker I hassen to add.
    drumajoon May 19, 2004   Link

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