"Do You" as written by and Jewel Kilcher....
Hey, you say you like the way the cowboys tip their hats and say,
"How's it goin' ma'am?"
But you're never quite clear if their glares are sincere
Or really only just second hand
To you it's all roses, its a lavender haze
The man is a marvel, but it's a shame about his brains
But that's OK,
They say "he's got straight teeth and it's good sex".

You look to the sky, You look to the man
You claim innocence and not to understand
Or do you, do you?

There's a big man wearing a white suit and patent leather shoes
He want to take his monkeys to see the kids at the zoo
'Cause the gypsy on the corner said
"Hey, Mister you can't lose."
And it's your first day at the track
You feel that heat of your back
We all want to find a way to beat the system
Find some rhythem in the madness
Get down on your knees and pray
Say, "I'll do whatever you want, God
Just let me have my way"
Well will you, will you?
Come on all you merry men
Rally your cry
Dance with the devil for tomorrow we'll surely...
Hey, hey blow the men down
You with all your cigarettes and cool stares,
Filled with blank glares and loaded regrets.
Just like the girls today today with nothing to say
No more pigtails and pony rides
They're sophisticated
They sip on lattes
And have their eyes on a bigger prize

We shake our fists and say, "Well good golly we're mad
That God kills children with our very own hands"
We claim innocence and not to understand
Or do we, do we?
Come on all you merry men
Rally your cry
Dance with the devil for tomorrow we'll surely
Hey, hey blow the men down
Blow the men down

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"Do You" as written by Jewel Kilcher

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    General Commentraise your hand if you're MADLY in love with this song *OOOOOOOO! MMEE!!!* this song kicks major booty. i don't even have a clue what the words mean cause i don't care cause the sound is so damn good. *sigh* wow. this. song. RULES.
    pomegranatesROCKon June 14, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song is challenging society in general. There are many verses that seem to question the thoughts and actions of people. She always ends the verse/chorus with "do you?" or "will you".
    rachybabyheartyouon July 03, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about the things we tell ourselves even when we know we are doing the wrong thing.

    "We claim innocence and not to understand, but do we?"
    GoOgOoGiRL77on October 31, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song, like other songs of this album, is about the lost of innocence. Only in this song she is angry about the lost, and accuse people of forgetting what it's like to be pure hearted and innocence.
    bartoshekon February 25, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think it definitely focusses on the way people view God in their lives. I love the line "I'll do whatever you want God, just let me have my way." People tend to think they know what's best and don't have faith in devine order.

    I also love the line "We shakes our fist and say 'Well, good golly we're mad that God kills children with our very own hands.'" Because even though we tend to believe that we know what's right, when bad things happen, we always blame God. Even when we made a choice that lead us there.

    The verse about "The girls to day with nothing to say" is so perfectly written. It may be my very favorite Jewel lyric ever.
    copperboomon May 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe lines:
    "Just like the girls today
    With nothing to say
    No more pigtails and pony rides
    They're sophisticated
    They sip on lattes and have their eyes
    On a bigger prize"

    Because really, when I was young and innocent all I wanted to do was have my hair braided and ride ponies. Now I've ditched the stables for the local starbucks and the hottie working there. It completely summarizes my personal loss of innosense.
    lovesacon June 21, 2007   Link

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