"Gods Child" as written by and David Byrne....
Hey Hey Hey Hey
Ho Ho Ho Ho
(David Byrne)
Who calls this child to walk on her own?
Who leads her down this treacherous road?
She's dancing to a song we can't hear

Caminando en calle doce (12)
Debes estar en la escuela
Dulce angelita, de qui¨¦n eres t¨²?
Walking along 12th street
You should be in school
Sweet little angel, whose child are you?)

Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo)
Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo)
Come dance with me

(David Byrne)
God makes us dream, but won't set us free
God calls us dance to songs we can't hear

Canci¨®n del vampiro
Gloria de amor
Es nuestro reino
Pero vean lo que hemos hecho
Song of the vampire
The glory of love
This is our kingdom
But look what we have done)

Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo)
Come and dance with me (quiero ser libre)
Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo)
Como t¨², como t¨² solo puedas bailar...
oye, mira, baila conmigo
No me dejes sola
Ven, ven, ven
No me dejes sola

Ooh, come on down
Ooh, ooh, ahh, ahh
Ah, set me free (quiero ser libre) ha!
Come dance with me (ven, baila conmigo)
Ooh, ahh, with me

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"God's Child [Baila Conmigo]" as written by David Byrne

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God's Child (Baila Conmigo) song meanings
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    General Commentthis song is SO beautiful...i love it...the lyrics are quite...unique...and the singing is great. it's by far my favorite selena song...i think.

    xXpinkribbonscarsXxon August 25, 2002   Link
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    My InterpretationI always thought the song was about
    a youth being possessed by some spirit or, demon.
    A witness notices the out of place youth wondering the streets
    like any concerned adult they asking about the parents where abouts.
    and is replied by the youth inviting them to just come along with them.

    a fairy trying to steal someone away

    A young(looking) person tempting someone with the "glory of love" the climax of lust.
    inviting this person to the dance that requires no music... the dance of love(sex)
    the invitee hesitates or repents from going along.

    the temptress ask that they not leave."no me dejes sola" (don't leave me alone) .
    then trys to convince this person by saying they are a unique, one and only
    "Ven baila conmigo, como tu solo puedes bailar" (come dance as only you can dance)

    story about a succubus tempting a good man.

    succubus:A female demon which comes to men, especially monks, in their dreams to seduce them and have sexual intercourse, drawing energy from the men to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death.


    "cancion de vampiro(song of the vampire)" vampire:drake:Dracula:son of the dragon:devil.

    "god makes us dream but wont set us free"
    the desire to be more then mortal.free of the laws of the mortal world(gravity,death,pain,suffering, wrong doing, etc)

    "God calls us. dance to songs we can't hear"
    something beyond are understanding urges us to take pleasure in something without cause/source.
    drunkendarksoulon August 19, 2011   Link

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