"Boy Needs A Bike (ride Away)" as written by and Peven Everett....
Pop works in the shop til eight
Mom's on the phone and she's kind of irate
Sally's doing sommersaults on the lawn
Pop slams open the front screen door
Just to scare mom
She says, "What the hell did you do that for?"
He washes his dirty hands in the sink
And things around the table are kind of rough
Mom says it's pa
Pa says, "The times are just tough"
And me and Sally don't say much of nothing at all
The garage door light brightens up the night
Pa always works on cars when he gets in a fight
As though he could figure out that woman by working on that
old car
He said a car can cure any problem at all
Cause of looking at all them parts makes a fight look so small
But I wish he'd just put me and Sally in the backseat and
drive us away
That's when he sits me down
He says he's gonna teach me about life
He said, "A man needs a car and a boy needs a bike"
I got my first taste of freedom beneath the light of the moon
But if it were me
I'd have the guts to put to test those bolts and nuts
And I'd Ride Away so fast, so far
Ride Away... So fast, so far
Put away our tools
We go back inside
Mom feels left out and now she's starting to cry
I wonder if all girls are crazy this way
I wish pops would just get a spine
I said I know it's kind of small but you can borrow mine
He just smiled and said, "Your mom means well son"
Most times are good it's just some that are lean
But it's love that makes up for those times in beteween
He got a tear in his eye as he took mamma's hand
said one day I'd understand
But if it were me
I'd have the guts to put to test those bolts and nuts
And I'd Ride Away so far, so fast
Ride Away so fast so far
Ride Away

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    General CommentI love this one. My best friend learned how to play this on the guitar and we used to sing it in the hallway at school (along with the "concert" version of Who Will Save Your Soul"). I think people got a little tired of it but we just kept on singing. Ah, memories...
    jewel20on July 22, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThis song is brilliant! Its one of my favorite Jewel songs. It gets to the heart of the reality of marriage, the complexities of life, and the simple idealism we have when we are young vs. the wisdom we develop in adulthood.

    This is classic Jewel and its sad that it was never recorded. The story is clear and the lyrics are refined. It could easily have been on one of her albums. I'm afraid that she was influenced too much by the record industry. In many cases when she finally recorded some of her true gems she lost much of the intimate charcheter (in timing and delivery) that she showed in her live performances she gave before these songs were released. Think 0304.

    I think many of the critics of Jewel's music tend to trivialize her songwriting because they have never heard some of her best work or because of the way it was "cleaned up" (sanitized and neudered) in the studio.
    troubadour13on August 03, 2009   Link

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