Comes a sign of wasted times
I will wait no more
Ever trudging through the aimless
Forest we explore
In our boots and money chains
Misfitting cloaks we can't contain
Hidden hates of urgency
Declaring our emergency
And up the tallest window world
The distance was not clear
Unoccupied with brutish thoughts
We had no cause to fear
A lesson so severe
Hotter than the fire we build
Darker than the truth
Ignorance reflected in
The windows of our youth
Push me now beyond the bounds
Of healing hands and thorny crowns
And all the sadness it implies
I've tasted with my own two eyes
And as the catlle rack was cleaned
The floor was brightly stained
And larger though we grew in size
Not a thing was gained
But fate has so ordained

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    General CommentThe best!! I must have 50 GbV-or-related CDs and this song is my favorite, without question. The Fast Japanese Spin Cycle version, of course.

    Vampire on Titus was the first Guided By Voices I ever heard. The sound quality of that one is SO bad, I just couldn't bring myself to give it a serious listen.

    Finally, a couple years later, I gave them another chance, after hearing "My Son Cool" from Alien Lanes and being blown away by how great it was.

    So I heard B1000 (etc. etc.) and finally heard FJSC and played this song (and "Indian Fables", and "Volcano Divers") over and over and over again... BTW I think volcano divers are scumbag journalists who create their own "news", in the same way that an ambulance chaser is a sleazy lawyer. Maybe just my own insane interpretation, but I like it.

    After that, finally I could enjoy Vampire on Titus -- not only because it had another version of my favorite GbV song on it, but also because I finally "got" them.

    Much of "Dusted--everything up through "...the windows of our youth"--seems to be a bittersweet recollection of childhood. Specifically a bunch of kids, probably Boy Scouts, on an outing--not realizing the astounding spiritual importance of the experiences they're having.

    It does sound like "money chains", but I think "muddy chains" would make more sense--they're trudging through the forest with their bikes, but it's muddy so they have to walk with their bikes instead of riding them.

    I suppose it's only the reference to the "fire we built" that makes me think of Boy Scouts.

    Then the later references, i.e. the abbatoir, represents the harsh realities of life which we don't fully encounter until we're adults: at which point, we realize how precious life is, how much we should have enjoyed our childhoods, but it's too late.

    Sometimes I think the part about "tasting" sadness is referring to synaesthesia--perhaps Bob first thought of parts of the song while having the kinds of vivid memories often induced by acid & other heavy psychedelics. Or maybe he just liked the way it sounded and rhymed.

    Ever notice how many GbV songs mention "windows"? They're all over the place! Another favorite image of Bob's is angels, though for him they represent something to be feared.

    OK, this is turning into a dissertation...enough.
    foreverdroneon July 10, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWho knows what the song means, all I can say is that it contains Bob's best lyrics ever. GBV R.I.P
    BadgetSmuckon November 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOne of their best. Grunge classic on vampire and 5 star beauty on FJSC. Just a great great song
    ramireztimmermanon January 23, 2011   Link

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