Devastation at last
Finally we meet
After all of these years
Out here on the street
I had a feeling you would
Make yourself known
You came along
Just to claim your place on the throne
And I have been overthrown, overthrown

I thought if I towed the right line...
But these Mockingbirds
Won't let me shine

Devastation my door
Was left open wide
You brought me into your heart
Then you swallowed my pride
I had a feeling you were
Hiding your thoughts
I made a note to myself
I nearly forgot
Now I am overwrought
I'm overwrought

And I thought if I towed the right line
But these Mockingbirds
Won't let me shine

One day
This ground will break
And open up for me
I hope it will
I hope it will

Salutations at last
Down on my knees
I heard the bugle this morn
Blast Reveille
Woke from a dream
Where I was in a terrible realm
All my sails were ablaze
I was chained to the helm
And now I am overwhelmed
I'm overwhelmed

And I thought if I towed the right line
But these Mockingbirds
Won't let me shine
(Repeat till fade)

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Mockingbird song meanings
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    General CommentI believe this song its about being trapped. It´s probably a sentation of loosing freedom.

    First of all you have the lines "after all of this years out here on the streets" ... and "you brought me into your heart and you slallow my pride" wich I belive its loosing your freedom by accepting a relationship with someone.

    And this relationship make this person vulnerable after being very sincere about his feelings with the other person, but this isn´t mutual.

    One day this ground will break, means the end of the relationship...

    But what about the mockingbirds? ...
    when you see the video the band its in a big cage and mockingbirds are around them ....

    In real life we trapped the mockingbords in cages, feed them, take care of them other words we have total control of their lifes.

    Then its clear for me that the mockingbird its the person that has complete control of this guy´s life probabbly trough a relationship.... and also don´t let him be himself.

    antonio22on March 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentGreat song. The first verse introduces the song as a perspective from someone who may have a cynical outlook on "love", referring to it as "devastation". As in, it's finally his turn at the devastating process of a realtionship. In this song, he willingliny makes himself vulnerable by giving such a high position to the person he met rather than trying to keep a level ground of mutual respect.

    Essentially, the whole song refers to the abuse of power that takes place when one person gives too much leverage to another in a relationship. This is typical in youthful and/or novice attempts at relationships. It's the idea that as long as you're nice to the person you're with, they'll automatically be nice back. This is narrated in the chorus "And I thought if I towed the right lines". Many of us have learned otherwise, or at least you hope they learn otherwise.

    The bridge is a warning to the abuser that eventually this leverage that has been given to her will come to an end.

    The last verse refers to the "re-awakening" that happens when someone finally emerges from the bad relationship. Many times, the emotional hardship puts one's head in a fog, giving reality a warped sense of being in a dream. But eventually clarity prevails and introspection starts where the lesson is assessed.
    DukeLongbangeron September 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI love this song! Sad, tragic and beautiful! The video is very cool, too. Check it on youtube.
    rocket426on March 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe obvious meaning behind the song is his encounter with God after a tragic accident.
    sonnyboyjron March 15, 2016   Link

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