The teacher's name was Charles
He made me feel like Jack
Thought Martin was late
Cause he sat right at the back

Thought my name was Peter
The time that I was there
I told him it was Paul
But he didn't seem to care

Drawing moustaches and glasses
War on the ruling classes
Drawing willies on soldiers
From Berlin to Damascus

It shouts out loud
I'm more than you

Making bombs in chemistry,
And catapults in craft,
He thought I must plotting
The downfall of his class

He even told the caretaker,
I didn't want to pass,
and he agreed he'd seen me,
cutting 'cross his grass

Would he keep all the marbles,
He'd taken in that year,
Would we stormtroop the staffroom,
And pinch his Cans of beer.,p] It shouts out loud
I'm more than you.

There is always something there to remind me,
Of something that I should've left behind me,

It taps you on the shoulder in a queue,
It shouts across the street, "I've more than you",
There is always something there to remind me,
Of you.

It shouts out loud
I'm more than you.

Lyrics submitted by BrownBabu84, edited by internettoughguy56

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    General CommentI think the words are right for the most part - top marks to BrownBabu for putting the work in.

    I've always heard, "Thought my team was Leeds, cause I sat right at the back".

    Also, "Drawing moustaches and glasses, war on the ruling classes".

    And then, "He thought I must be plotting the downfall of his class".

    Great song though. Paul Heaton is very bitter about his teachers, who it seems were there not to educate him, but instead to look down their noses at him, at school and (in another life where he wasn't successful despite them) years later.

    wrong in a couple of places
    quentinquentinon August 01, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think the Brownbaby lyrics are good except the one about "downfall of his class" , where the prev poster has got it right.
    burningromeon April 07, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationIt's about adolescence. Pure and simple. Adolescence and how school can really suck the sword if you have a teacher who treats you like poop
    CuteSparkinaon September 06, 2017   Link

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