"It's A Miracle" as written by George/moss O'dowd and Phil Pickett....
Miraculous you call it babe
You ain't seen nothing yet
They've got Pepsi in the Andes
McDonalds in Tibet

Yosemite's been turned into
A golf course for the Japs
The Dead Sea is alive with rap
Between the Tigris and Euphrates

There's a leisure centre now
They've got all kinds of sports
They've got Bermuda shorts
They had sex in Pennsylvania

A Brazilian grew a tree
A doctor in Manhattan
Saved a dying man for free
It's a miracle

Another Miracle
By the grace of God Almighty
And the pressures of the marketplace
The human race has civilized itself

It's a miracle
We've got warehouses of butter
We've got oceans of wine
We've got famine when we need it

Got designer crime
We've got Mercedes
We've got Porsche
Ferrari and Rolls Royce

We've got choice
She said meet me
In the Garden of Gethsemene my dear
The Lord said Peter I can see

Your house from here
An honest family man
Finally reaped what he had sown
A farmer in Ohio has just repaid a loan

It's a miracle
By the grace of God Almighty
And the pressures of the marketplace
The human race has civilized itself

It's a miracle
We cower in our shelters
With our hands over our ears
Lloyd-Webber's awful stuff

Runs for years and years and years
An earthquake hits the theater
But the operetta lingers
Then the piano lid comes down

And breaks his fucking fingers
It's a miracle

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"It's a Miracle" as written by Roger Waters

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    General Comment*begin sarcasm* Boy! Isn't it great how far companies have gone in pushing their products upon us everywhere? *end sarcasm* Roger is bringing up two kinds of miracles here. False miracles, those are the miracles of commercializing and organized religion, and true miracles, people being able to achieve something inspite of everything against them. The commercializing parts are obvious. They had sex in Pennsylvania, I believe that alludes to The Scarlet Letter, A Brazilian grew a tree is about the destruction of the rain forests for commerical gain and those who attempt to rebuild what has been destroyed by the corporations, and a doctor in Manhattan is probably about a doctor in Hell's Kitchen saving a dying man for free despite how ridiculous and expensive the health care system has become today. The Garden of Gethsemene is a religous undertone, The Lord said Peter I can see your house from here is probably about the religious fundamentalists that care more about getting into heaven than anything else so they basically believe that they have some kind of house reserved for them up there in heaven. The farmer in Ohio is about the plight of farmers. Roger just hates Lloyd-Webber. So all in all, the song is about real miracles versus the false miracles of commercial civilization and religious miracles.
    BrainDamageon August 24, 2002   Link
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    General CommentWouldn't the line "Peter, I can see your house from up here?" be a jab at Jesus up high on the cross?

    Also I love the Lloyd-Webber line. It's so random and mean. I love it.
    werummon February 25, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe Lloyd-Webber line is not random. Roger spoke of it in an interview how he's never been a fan of POTO but once listened to it when staying with some American family.

    He says that alot of Phantom music has been plagirized from his Meddle album, with Echoes being his main influence.

    Great song, though.
    eltarason March 24, 2006   Link
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    General Comment^interesting^ now you mention it, the first bit of music from POTO that popped into my mind does remind me a lot of a riff from Echoes..
    werummon July 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI need help Floyd fans. Who's the "babe" and what was the "it" that she called miraculous. The Philadelphia line still doesn't make sense to me. I read a Wikipedia synopsis on The Scarlet Letter and I saw nothing about Philadelphia, so that can't be it. The biblical stuff is a little obscure also.

    What's great about Roger Waters though, is that if you didn't understand a lick of English, you would still be able pick up on the cynicism and sarcasm through the tone of his voice. That's good stuff.
    reedc79on July 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentRight. "The Lord said Peter I can see your house from here" is the punchline of a joke in which the apostle Peter gets horribly maimed by Roman soldiers while trying to get close enough to Jesus on the cross to hear his final words.

    If you ever get to read this Roger, please bear in mind (with all due respect) that The Lord went to that cross willingly in order to deal with all the terrible stuff that you have been singing about these last thirty-odd years, and to finally reconcile us to God and to each other. Thanks.
    ShineYouDiamondon August 01, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwell said ShineYouDiamond.
    LouDawg808on October 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentRemember, we should consider where the lines are coming from. Roger Waters is, of course, an atheist.

    This song is, in my opinion, about how the religious right tends to call any statistically unlikely (or even not so unlikely an) event a "miracle", but then will stop short of applying the same term to a negative event.

    Waters' (justified) feelings regarding A. L. Webber aside, consider the line "Then the piano lid comes down and breaks his fucking fingers... It's a miracle".

    I always want to ask christians who say "It's a miracle that ______ survived that accident" if it is then also a miracle that ____ did not.
    justthisguyyaknowon March 25, 2009   Link
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    General Comment
    The L.Webber reference must relate to the court case RW bought against LW for using the atom heart mother thme in Phantom. Roger lost that case (my understanding is that the judge said it was the same riff and perhaps LW had heard it subconsciously in the past but he did not actively steal it). BTW if you listen to it it is absolutely identical. I wonder if Roger putting those lines in was a challenge to L>W to sue him in retunr?
    Ooooo99on August 01, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningTo me it's just about how we all get whatever we work for. Our own little "miracles" we've earned, and it's up to us if they mean something and what are they... Every big thing and every trifle. Every punishment and award. And "with our hands over our ears", we still prefer to believe something/someone else is responsible.
    Kotownikon February 03, 2014   Link

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