Oh, tell me why
Oh, yea

We do almost everything that lovers do
And that's why it's hard just to be friends with you
Every time your heart is broken by the fool
I want you to know that it hurts me too

It's hard to wipe your tears away
Knowing that you should be with me
Now tell me why...


Why are we still friends?
When everything says we should be more than we are
And tell me why
Every time I find
Some one that I like
We always end up just being friends...

[End chorus...]

I would hate for you to find somebody new
Who you really love
Cause it would mean losing you
But am I a fool, girl, not to say
If I'm always scared
I'll lose you anyway

Somewhere, somehow I've got to chose
No matter if it's win or lose...


I don't wanna be like your brother
I don't wanna be your best friend
I only wanna be your lover
When will this end?
If I told you that I wanna be in your life
And you could be the woman in mine?

Now tell me...

[Chorus to fade...]

Lyrics submitted by StormyWatersAngel

Why (Are We Still Friends) song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is such an awsome song. I've been dying to hear it so when I got the song from the official 98 Degrees site through my mail with the FULL song on it, I was like "hell yes!" I was screaming so loud. After I listened to it a couple times I had the lyrics figured out completely and I thought it was such a sweet song!
    To me the song means, as it's name states, a guy who's in love with his best friend. The best friend, however, is dating other people and is oblivous to his love for her. They guy (we'll say Nick since he's got the lead...) is afraid to tell her how he feels because he's afraid of rejection.
    Now that I think about it, I'm positive I'm written a story with some other girls on the 98 Degrees.com sight almost exaclty like it... If you like the song check out the story "Love, Schemes, and Makeovers" on the Fanfiction site of the official 98 Degrees message boards. :)
    StormyWatersAngelon April 18, 2002   Link
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    General CommentEeeh... I understand this one more that I would like to :( I`m in veeery similar situation, I`m friends with the greatest and most beautiful girl I`ve ever met - we`re very close to each other, both are single and free... and it just doesn`t want to work... I mean - she doesn`t want anything more than friendship from me. I think than someday I said most of phrases from the song myself, absolutely not knowing it... I think that means that the author of the song was in quite the same situation as myself. Heh, every time I hear it I`m close to crying... sometimes too close...
    Lordareonon June 05, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI know what you mean. I mean, I'm not a guy. I used to be in the same situation with a guy. But the song is great as a whole, deffiantly gonna be one of the top wedding songs, know what I mean?
    StormyWatersAngelon June 15, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI love this song soo much. it has a great meaning to this song... i dunno second and third comments are the same as my situation. i had a great best friend and we both like each other but we were afraid to tell each other how we felt n i dont know now these days i regret telling hiim... now i lost him. my friend. and my heart. =(
    inmyheartfoevaon June 29, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis song has very huge relavince to my life! when i first heard it i was like WHAT! a song that is so true to my relashinship status because it happend twice to me my first time i had this really great great guy and i new he liked me there was no doubt in my mine but i think he thought i didn't like him and he didn't want to ruin things for us we were so close and now we don't talk anymore amd he never new and still doesn't no that but he has a great girlfriend to him! and then there was my second i told him i did and he didnt want to hurt me blah blah but we got really close we hung out all the time and spent the night with each other and both of them ended up jus remainging friends they wouldn't look at me as anything more! i don't talk to either of them any more and i miss them terribly i really want the first one he is a great friend to me and i every one i no think we will one day get married i hope they are right i think we are great together! he is a great listiner
    ann03692on July 01, 2002   Link
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    General Commentas with everyone else i am/have been in this situation many times before. honestly i am usually just too chicken to make the move and before i know it it's too late. actually i am in sort of the same kind of situation but this time i actually thought that i did make a strong move but something wrong happened. i know that there is something there between us but i am now afraid that it may never be anything more than friends now because of some other idiot that is only going to break her heart but she just doesn't see it yet. maybe she will before it happens and sees how much she means to me. hoping.
    lyricalnuton July 02, 2002   Link
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    General Commentmy whole life i've lived in the same house on the same street in the same small town. my mom and dad have been best friends with my next door neibours since collage. they had a double wedding together, moved to the same street, work for the same companies, took vacations together and by chance got pregnant at the same time. Justin was born on the 12th of august and i was born on the 13th. of coarse justin and i grew up close, we took baths together for god sakes. as we got older our parents always told us no matter what happened or who we dated that in the long run we would be together. we would laugh and say that was gross . he was like my brother. every guy that ever hurt me justin hurt them. he was the only guy that ever stayed over at my house and actually slept in my bed with me... he was my best friends. then after high school was over and i went away to collage. we only seen eachother on holidays but when i'd return back to school after each visit i'd lie back in my bed and cry... thinking about how much i loved him and needed him in my life. i never said anything to him i was so scared. what would happen if i told him that i wanted to be more then friend and he didn't feel the same? what would happen to the friendship? would it ever be the same?

    then after writting my final exam i went back to my dorm to finish packing (i was fling home the next day) when i checked my messages there was no sound just silence...then all of a sudden this song kicked in and i just sat there and listened to the words, with tears running down my face i smiled... he didn't have to leave his name or number, i knew... i knew it was from justin. i sat there and listened to it at least three times egnoring the knocks at my door. when i finally got up to answer my door there was a bouquet of lillys (my favourite) lying on the ground in front of my door. i picked them up and went inside i sat on my bed... i read the card and cryed some more " Holly, I know life has brought us down different roads. and we both knew eventually we'd have to move on with our lives... but i've tried. I didn't realize how much you ment to me till you weren't around anymore. You are the best thing in my life. and when your not around i can't live. i realized something while you were away... i am the luckyest guy in the world... i had the pleasure of falling in love with my best friend.... will you do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me and being my wife?" i just sat there in silence... wipeing the tears from my cheeks then once again there was a knock at my door. i wiped my face dry and opened my door to my amazment there was justin. standing there in a tux holding the most beautiful ring i had ever seen... i didn't say a word i just leaned forward and kissed the love of my life... for the first time in my life....

    we'll be married next august........and guess what our wedding song is?
    holyhollyon July 10, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI soo relate to this song.. Why is it every time I meet some one perfect he's either taken or just wanting to be friends? like I always say "Guys are like parking spaces all the good once are taken".. I think every one can relate to this..... I know I found a get person I like but of course "WE'RE JUST FRIENDS"..I'm very happy for u holy holly.. I wish that I could have it that way.. but We all have soul mates.. it's just looking for them... :) .. I know I well maybe not today or tomarrow but one day I'll find him and never let go.:)
    SourSawahSweeton July 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song is nice. I can't relate to this song at the moment, but I wish I did. I just love 98 degrees. They are so talented.
    zacsteron July 28, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis song is so meaningful.i mean i just broke down and cry eveytime i hear this song.this because i have a friend
    (guy).we do eveything that couples bo such as kiss and hold hands.but we are not couples.so although i know that he wont visit this web sites and read this,i just want to say that although i pretend that i am fine but i really love him
    summerleeon August 27, 2002   Link

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